It branched off from the men's liberation movement in the early 1970s

uh, no buddy, you misread- it was a man that was playing out that scenario- he was chasing $ and the woman with $ was not attractive. a douchebag or more precisely, just a gigolo. so yeah different scenario, but anyone basing their life decisions on who has money and who doesn’t, and uses people to make others (with money or connections because they are bending over for old men or women) jealous, is indeed a worthless POS as you may agree.

The men's rights movement (MRM) is a part of the larger men's movement

Careful, Mickey. Read the OP again. I never said the issue was because a lot of women genuinely want men to stay away. The reason why men feel they can’t even look at women is partially because of sexual harassment training. Most women who attend such meetings understand that it was a couple of bad apples who made it necessary. Meanwhile, men typically leave scared stiffless, left to a life where erring on the side of conservatism is a perceived no-brainer.

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The guy who said you can sum up the reason for men acting the way they do is feminism is correct. And most all the details of what feminism has done, described by the men who have responded, in my opinion, generally speaking, are correct. American women have such an incredible sense of entitlement. And men are ridiculed and demonized so much in the media. Especially white men. I get the feeling sometimes that because power has shifted, the reaction is that it is time to get even for every injustice ever inflicted. Real or imagined. I find it very difficult to approach a woman because to me, they make themselves unapproachable. So many times I have made eye contact and smiled at a woman who is waiting on me at some store or restaurant and get such a freezing cold reaction that it is almost shocking. When did eye contact and a smile become so repulsive? The college campuses, the corporations, the government … everywhere, men are being told to stand down and do not be masculine in any way. How can that not have an effect on men? Then women wonder why men are turning away? Come on! For those men who have the natural ability to attract a woman (alpha males?) then they can have a field day in this environment. For the rest, it is all more trouble than it is worth. Bottom line … it is a sad situation and you can’t blame men for feeling the way they do. And women only have themselves to blame for it.

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Women generally want “confident” men they can push around but that will still act with the trappings of superficial masculinity. They still want men to be a push over to their whims, not draw a line in the sand when things get too out of bounds. Scott, you don’t know the difference between real confident men who truly stick to their guns and ones that are still appeasing women at their expense, apparently. Women will often look for their latter because it benefits them over a partner.

Men prefer bikini. Women (should?) prefer burka?!

It doesnt help that Women today are very unwelcoming. they do not smile to men as they are thought that its not ”cool” to be nice to average looking men and they have unrealistic goals for men that they consider ”acceptable”

Howard, women “are the ones who get pregnant”

Are there great women out there ? certainly.
but i think sarcastic, vulgar, cold women have become the trend now, and they wish for male attention, but just like men.. the women are also very confused in this generation.

This really rocked my world, did not know that

We cannot continue like this. Many evil women get away because people are focussing on the ‘bad male’ who is responsible for all the crimes on this planet. And many men want us women back in our caves, preparing supper when the bold mammoth hunter comes home again…
I think this world needs more than just pure education.
This world needs an well needed appreciation of men. There will always be nutcases running around.
But if we could show how important men are to us women, then maybe there would be less difficulties.
Men get treated like rapists even before they have a chance to speak up.
There are evil men, just as they are evil women. Women should admit that they need men in a positive way, that men are essential, wonderful human beings, filling our hearts with hope and courage since our childhood (dad is our first hero). Men are brave, they risk their lifes every day, think of their inventions that make our life so muich easier, there is more to them than a high sex drive and beard shaving…. there is something noble, almost sacred about them. Men need courage to expose their problems. Men are beaten, raped by women too, yet they seem to have no voice in our society.