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These medical racket writings are more than research and theory. I was exposed to another aspect of the racket in California when the first time. I began working at a medical lab in Los Angeles the week before Christmas, in December 1988, which was my life’s blackest month. I would finally be in a stable corporate environment, not the cliffhanging that was my daily life with Dennis. I was in for a surprise. The lab was the nation’s largest privately owned medical lab, owned by a black pathologist who was about America’s richest black man, worth about 200 million dollars at the time. He took an interest in me because we were both vegetarians, as even in Los Angeles in the 1980s, , especially in the business world.

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If America had a sane system, the nation's food bill might go up as Americans spend more time and effort to have a truly healthy food supply, without all the processing to make it "better," and the chemicals, hormones, and other poisons that are put into it. Processed food is inferior food. The nation's health bill would consequently drop to almost zero if we went back to live food and freshly cooked food, the food processors would go out of business, and chemicals would stop poisoning the environment and our health. At the footnote that ends this sentence, are presented sources of information to find out more. There are avenues to pursue today to begin making a , with zero environmental impact.

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Keller's clinic was not listed in the 1992 edition of . Why? Although Keller moved to Mexico, he did not count on how far the American medical gangsters would go to get him. An account of what happened to Mr. Keller comes from . In 1991, Keller was abducted at gunpoint by bounty hunters working for the USA's Justice Department, at the behest of the FDA. In a blatant violation of international law and Mexico's sovereignty, the USA's Justice Department paid to have Keller kidnapped from Tijuana. When his kidnappers arrived in California with their prey, Keller was placed in the custody of the Justice Department. His "crime" was wire fraud: making interstate telephone calls to attract people to his clinic in Mexico. Keller was convicted to spend two years in a federal penitentiary. That is why he was not listed in the 1992 edition of . That is justice, American style.

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Fishbein applied Simmons’s “Seal of Approval” racket to food for a generation. Fishbein also began an active campaign of in the 1930s. From the 1930s to the 1950s, the pages of were filled with cigarette ads, and they made medical claims. What follows are some of the witty slogans that . "Not a cough in a carload" (for Old Gold). "Not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking Camels." "More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette." "Just what the doctor ordered" (slogan of L&M cigarettes). Philip Morris said that its cigarettes were "recognized by eminent medical authorities." "For Digestion's Sake, Smoke Camels" because the magical Camel cigarettes would "stimulate the flow of digestive fluids." Another was "Chesterfield is Best for You." Former smoker turned smoking reformer, Senator Maurine Neuberger (D-Oregon) said, "The American smoker during the '30s and '40s could have been forgiven for confusing his favorite brand of cigarettes with the latest wonder drug."

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Hitler's goal was turning Germany (and Eastern Europe, once the "subhumans" were removed) into a land of Aryan supermen. The Third Reich investigated cigarettes, tobacco consumption, and health, and found them to be bad news indeed. Hitler said that tobacco was the red man's vengeance from the grave upon the white man. Hitler became the centerpiece of a German propaganda campaign against smoking. Hitler was also against drinking and eating meat, but it appears to have been partly a PR stunt to project an ascetic image. Hitler apparently liked beer and meat once in a while, although he correctly considered live food to be humankind’s natural diet. Hitler took gleeful satisfaction in the fact that he did not smoke, but Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin did. Hitler and Nazi Germany was a strange combination of the enlightened and the insane, but when it came to improving the health of the chosen race, German researchers were far ahead of their Western rivals.