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The Civil Rights Movement exemplifies for us the faculty of empathy, nourished through the telling of and listening to each other’s stories. Learning and practicing the habits and virtues of citizenship and democratic process from childhood on. If we hold leaders and each other accountable to their promises and obligations; if we treat opponents not as enemies but as potential allies; if we trust to civil discussion and do not shy away from argument based upon different opinions, values, and religious beliefs that are as important to others as our own are to us; if each listens carefully to each, with respect and forbearance; if we encourage one another in speaking truth to power, no matter the danger; if we keep faith that change is possible, when we work for it no matter how long and hard the odds seem. Then, and only then shall we too “overcome.”

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Martin was a very good student. He even skipped two grades. He had many hobbies like reading and singing and like every boy of his age he got interested in and football. After he graduated from college Martin Luther King got married and decided to become a minister, like his father.

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After the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, King turned his efforts to registering African American voters in the South. In 1965, he led a march in Selma, Alabama, to increase the percentage of African American voters in Alabama. Again, King was arrested. Again, the marchers faced attacks by the police. Tear gas, cattle prods, and billy clubs fell on the peaceful demonstrators. Public opinion weighed predominantly on the side of King and the protesters. Finally, President Johnson ordered the National Guard to protect the demonstrators from attack, and King was able to complete the long march from Selma to the state capital of Montgomery. The action in Selma led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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I have bad news for you, for all of our fellow citizens, and people who love peace all over the world, and that is that Martin Luther King was shot and killed tonight.

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So I shall ask you tonight to return home, to say a prayer for the family of Martin Luther King, that's true, but more importantly to say a prayer for our own country, which all of us love — a prayer for understanding and that compassion of which I spoke.

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In 1963 Martin Luther King organized a big protest march in Washington D.C. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, black and white, took part. At the Memorial King held his most famous speech : “I have a dream”!

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In his later life, Martin Luther King found out that not all blacks wanted to fight for equal rights the way he did. Some groups became aggressive and used violence. They used the slogan “Black Power”.

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Martin Luther King’s life came to a sudden end. On April 4, 1968 he was killed by a white , James Earl Ray. People all over the world mourned King’s death. He was buried in Atlanta, Georgia. After his death many people were shocked and blacks started riots in many American cities.