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A. Because an arbitrator ruled against them on this issue in 1986. Before the 1985 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers tried to add a mandatory drug-testing clause to all player contracts. They backed down, but a number of clubs tried again after the season, following the breakdown of talks over a joint drug program. The MLBPA filed a grievance, which was sustained by arbitrator Thomas Roberts on July 30, 1986. Roberts held that drug testing had to be negotiated with the MLBPA, not with individual players.

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If a player really wanted to pay for his own drug testing, the MLBPA would lean heavily on him not to do so, fearing that the gesture could effectively gut the drug testing plan by putting intolerable public pressure on other players to follow suit. But if peer pressure wasn’t enough, the union couldn’t stop him. The union would, however, file an immediate grievance if there was any evidence the player had been pressured by, or received any inducement from, his club or MLB to undergo additional “voluntary” testing.

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A. They’re part of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, set forth as Attachment 18 to the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The CBA, in .pdf format, can be downloaded .