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From beginning to end it has a steady procession of irony, much of it based on the title of the story: “Good Country People.'; In the beginning of the story we meet Mrs.

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The only fragment of “Good Country People” where Joy-Hulga’s attitude towards her artificial limb is directly stated is the sentence: “She was as sensitive about the artificial leg as a peacock about his tail” (288).

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A theme that seems to recurr in "Good Country People" is lying that becomes harsher each time.

Flannery O’Connor, in her short story, “Good Country People,” uses a variety of rhetoric devices such as symbolism, characterization, and irony to portray how a nihilistic philosophy of life can ultimately lead to ruin.

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While all of the characters have different levels of complexity, Joy-Hulga and Manley Pointer are the deepest and the ones with the most obvious facades.

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Pointer has previously deprived another woman of her glass eye, and such deeds make him a truly satanic character, as stealing somebody’s essence is like stealing her soul.