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I'm Really Sincere; Flower of the GladiatorsGLOXINIA- Love at First SightGRASS- SubmissionHEATHER Lavender - Admiration; SolitudeHEATHER White - Protection; Wishes will Come TrueHOLLY- Defense; Domestic HappinessHYACINTH General - Games and Sports; Rashness: Flower Dedicated to ApolloHYACINTH Blue - ConstancyHYACINTH Purple - I Am Sorry; Please Forgive Me: SorrowHYACINTH Red or Pink - PlayHYACINTH White- Loveliness; I'll Pray for YouHYACINTH Yellow - JealousyHYDRANGEA- Thank You for Understanding; Frigidity; HeartlessnessIRIS- Fleur-de-Lis, Emblem of France: Your Friendship Means So Much to Me;Faith; Hope; Wisdom and Valour; My ComplimentsIVY- Wedded Love; Fidelity; Friendship; AffectionIVY SPRIGOF WHITE TENDRILS -Anxious to Please; AffectionJONQUIL- Love Me; Affection Returned; Desire; Sympathy; Desire for Affection ReturnedLARKSPUR Pink - FicklenessLILY Calla - BeautyLILY Day - Coquetry; Chinese Emblem for MothersLILY Eucharis - Maiden CharmsLILY Orange - HatredLILY Tiger - Wealth; Pride LILY White - Virginity; Purity; Majesty; It's Heavenly to Be with YouLILY Yellow - I'm Walking on Air; False and GayLILY-0F-THE-VALLEY- Sweetness; Tears of the Virgin Mary; Return to Happiness; Humility; You'veMade My Life CompleteMAGNOLIA- NobilityMARIGOLD- Cruelty: Grief JealousyMISTLETOE- Kiss me; Affection; To Surmount Difficulties; Sacred Plant of India; Magic Plant of the DruidsMONKSHOOD- Beware; A Deadly Foe is NearMOSS- Maternal Love; CharityMYRTLE- Love; Hebrew Emblem of MarriageNARCISSUS- Egotism; Formality; Stay as Sweet as You AreNASTURTIUM- Conquest; Victory in BattleNUTS- StupidityOLEANDER- CautionORANGE BLOSSOM- Innocence; Eternal Love; Marriage and FruitfulnessORANGE MOCK- DeceitORCHID- Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful Lady; Chinese Symbol for Many ChildrenORCHID Cattleya - Mature CharmPALM LEAVES- Victory and SuccessPEONY- Shame; Gay Life; Happy MarriagePETUNIA- Resentment; Anger; Your Presence Soothes mePINE- Hope; PityPOPPY General - Eternal Sleep; Oblivion; ImaginationPOPPY Red - PleasurePOPPY White - ConsolationPOPPY Yellow - Wealth; SuccessPRIMROSE- I Can't Live Without YouPRIMROSE- Evening - InconstancyROSE Bridal - Happy LoveROSE Christmas - Tranquilize My Anxiety; AnxietyROSE Coral - DesireROSE Damask - Persian Ambassador of LoveROSE Dark Crimson - MourningROSE Dark Pink - ThankfulnessROSE Lavender - EnchantmentROSE LEAF- You May HopeROSE Orange - FascinationROSE Pale Peach - ModestyROSE Pale Pink - Grace, JoyROSE Red - Love, RespectROSE Single Full Bloom - I Love You; I Still Love YouROSE Tea - I'll Remember; AlwaysROSE Thorn less - Love at First SightROSE White - Innocence and SecrecyROSE White and Red Together - Unity White on Red Together - Flower Emblem of EnglandROSE Yellow - Joy, FriendshipROSEBUD- Beauty and Youth; A Heart Innocent of LoveROSEBUD Moss - Confessions of LoveROSEBUD Red - Pure and LovelyROSEBUD White - GirlhoodROSES Bouquet of Full Bloom - GratitudeROSES Garland or Crown of - Reward of Merit; Crown Symbol of Superior MeritROSES Musk Cluster - CharmingSMILAX- LovelinessSNAPDRAGON- Deception; Gracious LadySPIDER FLOWER- Elope with MeSTEPHANOTIS- Happiness in Marriage; Desire to TravelSTOCK- Bonds of Affection; Promptness; You'll Always Be Beautiful to MeSWEET PEA- Good-bye; Departure; Blissful Pleasure; Thank You for a Lovely TimeTULIP General - Perfect Lover; Fame; Flower Emblem of HollandTULIP Red- Believe Me; Declaration of LoveTULIP Variegated- Beautiful EyesTULIP Yellow- There's Sunshine in Your SmileVIOLET- ModestyVIOLET Blue - Watchfulness; Faithfulness; I'll Always Be TrueVIOLET White - Let's Take a Chance on HappinessVISCARIA-Will You Dance with Me?

Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, and above all that you may prophesy.

The longevity of a monogamous relationship is a sure fire passion killer for desire. It could be argued that those that have high levels of desire will never be satisfied in long-term relationships unless they have truly found their sexual equal, and that’s not so easy to come across. Many couples confuse that early insatiable drive from when they first met, with something that is going to be long lasting.

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Keep on pursuing love, and keep on desiring spiritual gifts, especially the ability to prophesy.

What I recommend in couples is that you fully acknowledge the importance of desire to our happiness. Monogamous relationships will always have to work on this to succeed to a manner in which you are both sexually fulfilled.

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Follow after love, and be emulous of spiritual [manifestations], but rather that ye may prophesy.
Follow after love; yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.
Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.
Be eager in your pursuit of this Love, and be earnestly ambitious for spiritual gifts, but let it be chiefly so in order that you may prophesy.
Follow after love, and earnestly desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.
Pursue the love, and seek earnestly the spiritual things, and rather that ye may prophecy,

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Prophecy, however, is for believers, not for unbelievers.
But if an unbeliever or uninstructed person comes in while everyone is prophesying, he will be convicted and called to account by all,
So, my brothers, be eager to prophesy and do not forbid speaking in tongues.
Do everything in love.Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that you may prophesy.Follow.

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The apostle having so highly commended charity, or love, in the preceding chapter, presses here to an eager pursuit after it; that is, to an exercise of it, and after those things which make for it, and will serve to maintain and increase it: and everything he has said in praise of it before serves as an argument, or reason, to follow hard after it, with an eagerness used in hunting, and with such violence as persecutors express in pursuing and laying hold on those they seek after, to which there is an allusion in the word here used: and desire spiritual gifts: for though he had given charity the preference to them, he did not mean that they should despise and neglect them, or treat them with indifference, and be unconcerned about them; but, on the other hand, that they should be very zealous for them, ambitious of them, and earnestly covet them; since being rightly used and kept in their proper place, they were greatly beneficial and profitable to the churches of Christ, and the glory of God: but rather that ye may prophesy: of all the gifts of the Spirit, the apostle prefers prophesying, and recommends this to the Corinthians, as what they should be chiefly desirous of, and more desirous of than of speaking with tongues, which many among them were so very fond of: by which he means, not so much the gift of foretelling future events, though there was such a gift bestowed on some persons in those times, and, in certain cases, was very profitable to the churches; but a gift of preaching the word, or explaining the prophecies of the Old Testament, and of praying and singing of psalms, all which, as appears from some following parts of this chapter, were included in it; and that not in an ordinary, but in an extraordinary way; a person possessed of this gift could at once, without the use of means, or help of study, preach the word, and open the more difficult parts of Scripture; he had an extraordinary gift of prayer, which he could make use of when he pleased, and at once compose and deliver out a psalm, or hymn, in the public congregation.