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Herbert W. Armstrong critics also tend to forget that he made many correct predictions. For example, in the December 1948 issue of Herbert W. Armstrong predicted a coming "United States of Europe."In October 2002, Valery Giscard d'Estaing suggested that the name of the European Community should be changed to United States of Europe.I believe Herbert W. Armstrong was among the first to coin the term United States of Europe for the government that is even now still forming in Europe. Even if the EU is never renamed, the truth still stands that a united states of Europe is still forming.

Why Herbert W. Armstrong chose W is not clear, but by adding it he made his name more distinctive.
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Furthermore, regarding wasted money to do the work of God, even those called of God sometimes erroneously make this accusation--the disciples did!

Herbert W. Armstrong was addicted to cocaine.

(He also made other strong denials of this allegation that I did not get down verbatim.)
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Jack Kessler made a variety of accusations that money was wasted, etc.--WCG addressed those accusations in the Pastor General's Report dated March 18, 1982 and denied their validity. Furthermore, that same Pastor General's Report includes a reprint of statements made by Jack Kessler as of March 1, 1981 admitting that there had been no fraud and that the Arthur Anderson provided " completely unqualified opinions two years in a row" (an unqualified opinion, in laymen's terms, means that the outside auditors found nothing wrong of any importance). Hence for him to later change his position seems odd at best.

Herbert Armstrong’s “World Tomorrow”

* In the early '80s Mr. Armstrong wrote that "signs are now fast appearing that our Work of the GREAT COMMISSION may be much more near completed than we have realized." n Mr. Armstrong wrote, in the early '80s, that "God's great work through His Church (Philadelphia era) may be FINISHED in a matter of months."

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* Mr. Armstrong wrote that a meeting of Catholic cardinals "may well prove to be a WORLD-SHAKING EVENT--the most important world event since World War II!"

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* Mr. Armstrong wrote of the 1980 U.S. presidential election that "this present election travesty may well be the very LAST political election for the presidency of the United States, with little incompetent men vying for the coveted prize."

Notice also the following from Aaron Dean:

* In 1981 Mr. Armstrong wrote that the conditions that would allow Bible prophecies to be fulfilled were "fast accelerating, indicating that we are indeed in the very last of the last days." He predicted that "terrible, frightful things are going to happen in the next few years that are going to take the lives of probably two thirds or more of all the people now living on the face of the earth."

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Various sources, including many critics, have leveled this accusation. For this article, I simply cite one of them, the book by Joseph Tkach Jr.