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In the 1980s, the more zealous practicing who wanted an exclusive private school for their assimilating grandchildren, began forcing their more civil social (secular) brethren away (as many joined the new Heritage Club) from the H.H.-U.M.C.A to dominate the property, and eventually purged their newly acquired territory and grammar school of perceived heretics. A series of intense purge attacks occurred to assure that the "Jack Greeners" (Heritage Club) and anyone who supported the new "Re-Formed" () movement in Oregon, would stay away or be secondary quests to their new social order within the property. The new H.H.-U.M.C.A. became nearly a totally "spiritually clean" place, void of a "devil on the roof," and zealots could appear with little or no stigma. Sunday School attendance dropped by 90% from its peak in the 1960s. Clubs and Hume Lake camps were banned. Youth were now required to wear (boys) and (girls) as as Molokan Elementary School (M.E.S.) and ("Young Church", youth assembly) continued, mostly replacing the former activities of the traditional Sunday School and "Wednesday Night Church."

We live today in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society

We scanned 320 photos in these galleries. You can select your photos by villages (Embera Drua, Embera Puru, Arimae and Puerto Lara (Waounan village) or you will soon be able to select contact sheets by cultural subjects (Jagua Body Painting, Crafts, Traditional Dances, Jungle Survival, Preparation of Local Food and Drinks, Dugout Canoes, Children and People.)

We mix freely with, and respect, people of all faiths

Puerto Lara is a Waounan village, the only one we documented, but we chose one of the best. It is one of our favorite villages in all of Panama. The people are very proud of their culture and more than just showing it to tourists, they continue to live it every day. There people don't paint their bodies with jagua for tourists, they do it regularly. If you are ever curious to try it out yourself the women there produce beautiful jagua designs. We sat down for a session and had our entire upper-bodies covered. In this village you will also find some of the most beautiful canastas in all of Panama. The village itself is pastoral, clean and laid out in two cozy rows of thatched roof stilt houses flanking a path down to the river. Set amidst high canopy forest, it is a perfect base for jungle treks.

What I have found works best is to take it in small steps

Price. Often prices will not be discussed up front. They may never even ask for payment, but you should always leave a donation. You might be charged $15 or nothing to stay one night in a very basic house. You might be offered meals, or charged up to $5, but we recommend that you give a minimum of $15 to $20 per day per person for lodging and food. Remember that tourism are the only sources of income to the village. If you are not charged, make a public presentation of money to the president of the tourism committee as a contribution to the village.

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In one respect, there were very few 'Romans' in Britain. There were Batavians, Thracians, Mauretanians, Sarmatians: all brought in through service in the army, and all eventually granted citizenship and a packet of land after their 25 years' service. They settled all over Britain, becoming naturalised British citizens of the Roman Empire, erecting a wealth of inscriptions which attest to their assimilation and prosperity. Most of them settled in or near the fort where they had served, staying close to their friends. Gradually, these urban settlements outside the fort grew into townships, which were eventually granted municipal status. In certain cases, such as Colchester ('the Colonia by the camp'), the city was an official colony of veteran soldiers imposed upon the local population; but usually the evolution was more generic. Chester (or 'the camp') is an example of this. Standing on the city walls, you can still look down upon the remains of the amphitheatre that stood outside the military camp. In this way, the army acted as the natural force of assimilation.

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If you intend to stay overnight in a village be aware that accommodations are very basic. Some villages have a house reserved for guests, others don't and may lodge you with a family instead. In most cases, you will have little privacy and few comforts. People unprepared for this or unable to adapt well may be pushed outside their comfort zone. Some families have mats they set on their wooden floors, but most sleep directly on the floor. They might not have a mosquito net, to lend you. Most villages have basic latrines, some might not (do it in the woods). Some villages have running water and outside showers, others might have water shortages. The bottom line is that you must be flexible Anything they endure regularly you can endure for a couple days..