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Our new classrooms were at the rear of the school, past the single-storey, brick-built huts that housed some of the older pupils, and through the two-storey main school building that must have dated from the 1930s and that housed the school office, the hall, and many of the specialist classrooms, including the art and music rooms.

After that first year, lessons somehow became more serious, and I can remember much more clearly the separate subjects.

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is an organisation that believes in enriching our lives by engaging children from all walks of life with knowledge of the environment… immersion in nature has proven again and again to be the way to teach people of all ages to love the environment and so care for it. They provide outings and excursions and day programmes filled with hands on nature activities for children from all over the greater Cape Town area. Their work is incredible, and if you are into the great outdoors, even slightly, and looking out for days like these.

Recently, which I reposted over here… inviting homeschoolers to join them for a day of fun… We were really excited to join them… we have been following them for a while and their adventures look so exciting… And, it was one of our best days ever…

They treated us to the most amazing day of learning about the great outdoors… it is going to be a day that we remember for the longest time…

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Sport has always been a major part of my life, and schools here simply did not cater for, nor encourage, this.

Drawing lessons for the beginner artist based on the book "Drawing from Line to Life" by Mike Sibley, who shares his artistic expertise and over 30 years of experience as a professional artist and graphite pencil specialist.

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Today, the schooling of army children abroad is provided by Service Children's Education (SCE), and when in Britain, army children attend local schools, that is, unless they are at boarding school.

Officers' children may always have received an education appropriate to their perceived status, but at the price of separation from their parents (often for years on end), for they were generally sent to a boarding establishment, be it a public school, a ladies' academy or a finishing school, in Britain.

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The children in the Home are admitted at the earliest age, preference being given, first––to total orphans; secondly––to motherless children; thirdly––to fatherless children, &c; and it is a part of its plan to continue a supervision over the girls after they have entered upon the duties of active life, and to afford a temporary home for them when from no moral fault they are unable to obtain a situation.

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Although to some home schooling might sound daunting and outdated, but when one faces up with the facts of home education it is clear that, when administered properly, it provides an environment where children can learn at their own pace, develop a healthy social life, and receive a well-roun...

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Stereotypically, when the answer is simply that a child home-schools, often times they are looked at in a predetermined persona as if they are a weird, deprived, unsocialized individual who doesn’t know the first thing about life.