Ten-year-old Anne Frank writes to Juanita Wagner in Iowa:

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In her letter Anne told of her family, her Montessori school, and Amsterdam. She must have pulled out a map of the United States because she wrote. “On the map I looked again and found the name Burlington.” Enclosing a postcard of Amsterdam, she mentioned her hobby of “picture-card collecting: I have already about 800.”

 Hoping to hear from you I remain your Dutch friend Annelies Marie Frank.

This becomes apparent half-way through the article when he writes: “With her own eyes, my mother saw Anne Frank arrive in Belsen (she knew the family), yet still Irving and people like him contend that Frank’s story is fake.”

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Although Otto Frank’s letter had been misplaced during one of the Wagner family’s frequent moves, Betty Ann had carefully kept Anne and Margot’s letters safe. In the late 1980’s the letter became part of the collections of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, where they are now on display.

To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it

“No one takes their family into hiding in the heart of an occupied city unless they are out of options,” notes Mattie J. Bekink, a consultant at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. “No one takes their child on a flimsy boat to cross the Mediterranean unless they are desperate.”

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“Oh my God,” she said, “this is the Anne Frank file.” Along with the letter were by Otto Frank, frantically seeking help to flee Nazi persecution and obtain a visa to America, Britain or Cuba — but getting nowhere because of global indifference to Jewish refugees.

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On March 28,1944 Anne heard a radio broadcast requesting letters and diaries detailing individual wartime experiences. She began to consider writing her experiences as a book, calling it (“). That May she began earnestly to rework her original diary for publication, recopying her entries onto loose-leaf paper, and adding and editing selections, changing the names of some of the people in the annex. She edited her entries through March 29, 1944.

The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank

A business acquaintance, Herman van Pels and his wife and son, Peter, also joined them. A few months later a Jewish dentist, Fritz Pfeffer, also moved into the annex (making a total of eight people hiding in four small rooms and a water closet). Four of Otto Franks coworkers knew about the annex above their offices; they supplied the families with food and news of the outside world. Although her letter writing to Danville had long since ended, Anne wrote faithfully in her diary.

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In her letter, Mair wrote to her heroine Anne Frank, famous for the diary she wrote whilst in hiding with her family in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation in World War Two.