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Road to Emmaus Puzzles – Age 3+. Color-illustrated Puzzles: Prep: Print and make copies of puzzles and templates onto cardstock. Print and make a copy of the picture for kids to see what it’s supposed to look like. Place restickable glue on back of puzzles. Allow to dry. Cut off edges, and cut apart puzzle pieces. Place pieces for each puzzle in an envelope. Activity: Give each child a template and puzzle pieces. Show them how the pieces fit together on the template. Black-and-white puzzles: Craft: Child colors pages before you apply glue on back and cut apart.

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Make the, Standups and accessories that are used in the lesson. Before you begin the lesson, set up the tomb somewhere in the room. Decide where you will have the so that children can take them back and forth, as indicated in the lesson. Make craft samples, and copies of the craft pages, coloring sheets. Cut the tabs off of the Standups to use them as bulletin board decoratons for your celebration of Jesus' resurrection.

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Main Points to bring out:
1. The second thief believed Jesus was the Son of God. When he said to the first: " But this man
has done nothing wrong." that would mean he knew he was God. Who else does nothing wrong, but
God? He knew Jesus was the 'coming Messiah" and was dying for his sins. Who else would die
unjustly but a Savior? He also said "when you come into your kingdom" which means he knew he was
God. An earthly king rules when he is on earth. But Jesus could still rule after he died (and went to