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"Then go to the devil, you cursed piece of devil's meat and member ofthe devil's band!" cried the monk angrily. "Go to the eternal fires thathave been prepared for the devil and his angels!" And the monk ran toRector Magnificus and reported to him that Dr. Faustus was a totallyunrepentant sinner.

In such a quest, Faust makes a bargain with a spirit named Mephistopheles.

Filip Vacek visits Dr Bened Faust for a Czech Up. When he arrives Bened asks him about a previously injured knee, which has healed. But Bened decides to check it anyway. Filip sits on the examination table, chest bared, for Bened to check his legs. Everything is fine there, so Bened begins his full examination, using his stethoscope to check the chest and back. Then Filip explains that one issue he has is a failure to get hard when with his girlfriend. So Bened tells him to get naked and he will check things out. Filip lays on the table and Bened starts to check the cock and balls, taking some oil and rubbing it in. As he gently strokes Filip’s cock it gets erect with no problem. Bened decides to go further and leans over to suck on the hard cock. As he sucks on that cock he takes Filip’s hand and places it on his pants to feel his hardening cock. Bened takes off his top as Filip pulls the cock out of his pants. Bened moves up so that Filip can suck his cock. Filip does a good job at sucking so Bened climbs over him so they can 69. They suck each other for a while and then Bened decides to take things further. He lays Filip on his back and lifts his legs up, sliding his dick into the waiting ass. He fucks slowly at first, his dick going deep into the hole. Filip moans as his ass takes the stiff cock. Then Bened speeds up with his fucking as Filip takes hold of his own cock and starts wanking it. As Bened pounds his tight hole Filip wanks hard and shoots his creamy load over his belly. Then he stands and bends over the table for Bened to fuck him some more. Bened’s dick slams in and out of the hot ass until he is ready to blow his load too. Then he pulls out to shoot his cum over that sexy ass.

The legend of Faust is well known in Germany and western Europe

Bened Faust is aged 19 and lives in Prague. This hot straight guy doesn’t currently have a job, so he has time to enjoy his sports, particularly swimming and soccer. How good he looks in this still shoot, with his handsome face and hot body. He certainly looks good as he stands, nonchalantly leaning on the doorframe. Lifting his sweater he shows off some great abs. Then his sexy chest is revealed as he removes the sweater and poses. Opening his shorts and sliding them, and his underwear, down he turns and shows us his sexy ass. Then he turns again, in just his underwear, and flexes his biceps before thumbing down his underwear to tease with a the base of his cock. He takes off the underwear and his soft cock is shows perfectly. It doesn’t take long before that cock is good and hard, pointing skywards, with Bened posing to show it off. As we enjoy that beautiful cock Bened sits and then lays back on the bed. He lifts his legs in the air to expose his hot hole. Reaching down to his ass he pulls the cheeks further apart as the camera closes in on the hole. Then he turns onto his knees to give another view of that sexy ass before ending his shoot with more of his rock hard cock.

Faust, In Our Time - BBC Radio 4

Henceforth Dr. Faustus' life was filled with comfort and luxury, butmarked by excess and perversion. Everything was within his grasp: elegantclothing, fine wines, sumptuous food, beautiful women--even Helen of Troyand the concubines from the Turkish sultan's harem. He became the mostfamous astrologer in the land, for his horoscopes never failed. No longerlimited by earthly constraints, he traveled from the depths of hell to themost distant stars. He amazed his students and fellow scholars with hisknowledge of heaven and earth.