There are a lot of reasons defending the legalization of abortion.

In addition, they may have extenuating circumstances that lead them to consider an abortion; deciding whether or not to have a child is a delicate and private matter; and finally if the government outlaws abortion, it could lead women to take drastic measures that could...

The heated discussion about legalizing and restricting abortion has arisen over many years.

CHARLESTON, W.V. (03-06-18) --Responding to a vote last night inin which more than two-thirds of the West Virginia House of Delegates overwhelmingly supported the “West Virginia native and Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins called on voters from every political persuasion to come together “to create a legal environment in which life is protected in law. At Students for Life of America, we know thatRoe v. Wadewill someday be overturned, and this is exactly the kind of ground game that policy leaders should be championing across the country. State leaders must prepare for the day falls, as have other deeply flawed cases such as or . Both of those cases involve human rights violations and atrocities since corrected by the courts. But abortion is the human rights issue of our day, and rights of the unborn should not be ignored in our laws just because they have no voice to speak for themselves. Students for Life will be talking with West Virginians about the need to support this amendment in the coming days, and I believe my home state will be one of the first to preemptively prepare for the day after .”

Abortion was legalized in 1973 (“Abortion” par.

In the middle 1800s, states began to pass laws that made abortions illegal.

The Texas Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz are leading the fight for the abortion laws to become permanent, laws that are considered the strictest abortion laws that this country has ever seen....

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The offence of ‘unlawful’ abortion may only be committed by the persons involved in performing the abortion. The patient herself is not subject to any legal sanction in Western Australia.

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In Western Australia, provisions relating to abortion are found in the Criminal Code and the Health Act. Abortion is legal if performed before 20 weeks gestation, with further limitations for women under 16.

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1970s , who performed illegal abortions despite not being a physician, developed a flexible curette that made the vacuum aspiration method safer for the woman, causing it to proliferate in the U.S. as the method of choice for early abortions.

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1969 Abortionists Lawrence Lader and Dr. Bernard Nathanson help found the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, now called . Nathanson later renounced his abortion stance and in order to garner sympathy for the pro-abortion cause.

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A couple of decades ago when abortion was illegal, thousands of woman died for attempting to terminate the child’s life themselves or with unprofessional help.

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, the companion to Roe v. Wade, makes abortion on demand legal through all nine months of pregnancy by opening up the definition of a woman’s health.