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Not surprisingly, lawyers have increasingly introduced neuroscience evidence into the courtroom, a trend suggesting that the complexity of the legal issues raised will only expand as the science progresses.

Inthis essay, I briefly discuss ten common and wide-ranging legal dissonances.

This essay contains a description of severalfamous malicious computer programs (e.g., computer viruses and worms)that caused extensive harm, and it reviewsthe legal consequences of each incident,including the nonexistent or lenient punishment of the program's author.

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Lawyers must be assessable for their clients, so they utilize such technologies as electric filing and videoconferencing.

Work environment. Attorneys spend most of their time in courtrooms, law libraries, or legal offices.

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Laws, or a legal system with a lack of adequate laws, can also havewrong or immoral consequences even if the contents of particular laws arenot unjust. For example, laws concerning evidence and procedure in courtroomsoften lead to acquittals of obviously guilty defendants, and sometimesto convictions or continuing sentences and punishment of known or likelyinnocent ones. There is no reason to believe that just because a law passes,it is for the best or that it is right or moral, even if the people passingit think it is. If one were to be charitable about legislators, one mightperhaps be able to argue that they pass those laws they believe to be right,whether those laws actually are right or not, but I think there is sufficientevidence legislators will often pass laws for political reasons -- to winor keep political support from those whom the law favors or to whom itpanders -- even though they know the laws are bad or wrong. Either way,however, sometimes bad or immoral laws get passed which are perfectly legal.

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For example, a first-semester law student who learns to analogize case law to a fact pattern in a legal writing problem typically will not see the deeper applications for those skills in a law school essay exam several weeks later.

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Despite the sharply increasing interest in neuroscientific evidence, it remains unclear how the legal system – at the courtroom, regulatory, and policy levels – will resolve the many challenges that new neuroscience applications raise.

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This essay briefly reviews the scientific data and the Court's opinions to date and suggests that the opinions may be tied together by the Court's commitment to protecting children based on the strength of the scientific evidence that they are indeed quite different than adults, warranting a different set of legal norms applicable to children.