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Does Kahlenberg have data on the SAT advantage of being an recruited athlete or an minority applicant? If he is criticizing legacy status as contrary to merit, we should know what advantage is gained by athletes and minority applicants as well.

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Those chasing legacy issues are embroiled in a Quixotian quest of fairness. There are few who are successful that do not have to deal with unfair issues. It is their indomitable drive to overcome all obstacle on which their success depends on. There are those who believe that if all unfairness was removed even the mediocre would succeed but in fact that will never happen. To be successful you must be willing to work much harder than your competitors regardless of the reason. Perhaps those chasing windmills would be more effective preaching the elements of success.

Legacy Kids Have An Admissions Advantage - Business Insider

25/03/2015 · The White Admissions Advantage at Harvard: Unfair, But Different from Discrimination Against Asian Americans
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The good old boy network will always exist and the use of legacy in determining acceptance may only strengthen the network. As a student I would much rather attend a small school stocked with children of the privileged. Were I to start a new company in need of investors I’d have a contact list to start with. As it is I went to a substantial state university from which I got a valuable education however I never made any contacts with students which would potentially become a source of investment funds.