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William Swain Lee, the Superior Court judge who presided over the trial, said he was walking on the beach Saturday, January 16, 1999, when his beeper went off.

has changed even though the style number remains the same

Gerry becomes a cooperating witness. He tells authorities that he took out his boat, Summer Wind, and helped Capano dispose of a body in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, June 28, 1996. He provided other incriminating evidence, including getting rid of a sofa with a basketball-sized bloodstain, and a rug.

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State prosecutors later agreed to bow out of the picture. A federal grand jury investigation, which had to remain secret, began.

The day after Fahey's mysterious June 1996 death, Capano, with the help of his youngest brother, Gerry, used the cooler to transport Fahey's body to Gerry's boat Summer Wind at Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

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Often designers will utilize a product with certain character on the face of a building while swapping out for more common product around the rest of the building facades. In the case of Endicott, it is an expensive brick when compared to the typical reddish brown colored common brick available in the Mid-west. It’s possible too that there was a local manufacturer using unique clays found nearby, instead of shipping brick from Nebraska for a small building on Virginia built in the 1930s. I don’t know enough about how common it would have been back then to ship stuff from half way across the country. Today it’s no big deal, but brick IS difficult and heavy, thus expensive, to ship. Answers often create more questions ; )

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Finally, the Hoffman building has one of the most interesting interior lobby’s I’ve seen. For such a small building, the first set of stairs to the second level are comprised of one single run of stairs with no landings going up about 16′. Once at the second level, there is an oval atrium space (now covered over with plywood and relatively dilapidated) extending to what would have been a skylight on the roof “back in the day.” It would have been one of the more unique and detailed interior lobby spaces in its prime.

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The Bower has lost some of its original architectural features, unfortunately. The commercial windows on the street level have been completely altered, boarded up with wood. It has a deep purple brick band creating a frame around the entire façade as well as the first floor entry and original window area. A sharp contrasting orange brick row cuts through the cornice and all of the purple brick. Similar to the , the purple brick creates small pyramidal shapes near the cornice. There’s also a slim stone string course along the top. The distinctive purple and orange brick checker pattern makes this shorter façade unique to the city. The building is larger than it appears from the front, as it has absorbed the storefront that existed between the Bower and the theater (where the Dugout’s parking lot is today) as well as the area of an old auto shop facing Stevens Street.

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Thanks for the heads up on the Apex Theater demise. That is truly interesting. Just a feature on that theater would make an interesting article, considering how important and central that site has become today, one would think that there would be huge plans for a place with that kind of history behind it.