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I would strongly advise against. I have assisted career development paths of staff attempting to enter the profession through casual bank with international backgrounds, repatriate grad nurses who could not secure. ongoing positions permanently after successfully completing graduate years and ex graduates attempting to undertake a Masters of Nursing straight out of their grad year, unsuccessfully. Basically if you do not have a foothold in a permanent, ongoing contract in an organisation it is pointless in both exercise and from a financial point of view. I have to say to you what an American Director of Nursing of a major Melbourne Health network once said to a colleague of mine who was attempting to do similar but in America, coming from Australia: “why would they employ you with that when they already have plenty of their own citizens with the same?!”. Needless to say he was devastated but she tried to save him the most costly mistake of his career. He battled for 2 years before he gave up finding a hospital interested. It doesn’t matter what you offer right now, if states have no jobs and already have people who are Registered Nurses, qualified Midwives with degrees with Masters of Nursing, they aren’t going to import anyone.

Earlier in the day it was geography and then the big one this afternoon – Maths (paper 1)

You know I have to be honest , twice; once when I was about 8 years old(early eighties) and now that you mentioned it again Those years I thought what the heck are our minority white folk doing here ,trying to teach or educated people who rather be cooking their food over bon-fires as to using electricity , or build roads bridges and infrastructure if the majority would prefer to walk through the bush , the majority who’s young men die every year because of their ancestral ritual and believes(referring to circumcision ritual) , but hey let me also blame my ancestors for this just like you. Its all crap , I only knew and cared for people as far back as my grandparents , and how hard they had to work to provide for our family, and to ensure I get an education so that one they I can give my children the same and better. O and by the way , the problems I have you refer to I have, are past tense , I just used that situation as an example of what is happening in this country ,and not only to me,but since then I started my own business because contrary to most people crying apartheid , I did not blame my fore fathers or the black people or white people and demanded employment , I took what I learned from them to provide for my family , because that is how I was brought up.

This is nothing new, this has been the case for years

I was born with Crouzon syndrome and managed to survive 26 years with it

I understand blacks faced almost the same type of biased government, but blacks didn’t have to deal with home invasions where the parents are butchered with machetes in front of their children. where children are drowned in boiling water, where women are gang raped in front of their husbands before they are bother murdered. These aren’t just robberies, sometimes the attackers leave with nothing but blood on their hands. Vicious acts of hate and revenge are what these attacks are. The cycle must be stopped, ignoring it only exacerbates these atrocities. Ending apartheid to instate a vengeful government was not the goal, wasn’t it something called “equality”? Well now that the reverse is happening, where are the civil and human rights activists? Are we whites not human?