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John has authored more than a dozen
books on leadership, with four of those
books, Moxie (2014), Lead With Purpose (2011),
Lead Your Boss (2009), and
Lead By Example (2008) belng selected as
best leadership books in their respective years.

Your leadership example should show off your leadership skills and experience.

Keep the focus on the overall leadership challenge you faced.

Example Situation/Task Bullets

After explaining the situation, elaborate on the actions you took to address the challenge.

Leaders set the pace through your expectations and example.

John speaks widely to corporate, professional, military and university audiences about life-changing leadership. Those who attend John’s keynote speeches and workshops find his advice to be practical, motivational and inspirational.

Consider what Mahatma Gandhi accomplished through his ..

These are the skills that interviewers will be testing for when conducting behavioral leadership interviews.

With respect to the job interview, hiring managers are typically trying to determine if you have the type of leadership skills and competencies required to be team leader, department head or manager (either immediately or down the road).

Below are several of the most popular interview questions asked about leadership ability.

that I thought were important when you talk about leading by example.

His 2012 book, The Leader’s Pocket Guide: 101 Indispensable Tools, Tips and Techniques for Any Situation, has been recognized as a practical resource for those seeking to improve their leadership skills. His follow-up book, The Leader’s Guide to Speaking with Presence, has provided insights that managers need to present their messages and themselves authentically.

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Mixed with stories of great men and women, and leavened with light-hearted humor, John seeks down-to-earth practical advice that individuals can apply immediately. John’s presentations blend his passion for leadership with genuine enthusiasm for helping people achieve their life ambitions.

“The leader sees things through the eyes of his followers

As obvious as it seems, many leaders forget that their actions speak louder than their words. I was managing a department at a medium-sized organization that had a casual dress code on Friday. One of the vice presidents decided that casual Fridays were a bad idea and mandated that everyone wear corporate casual every day. For my department, that was inconvenient because we saved most of our dirty work for Friday when we were wearing jeans.

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Recent college graduates can talk about leadership experience gained through voluteer work, clubs, projects, or even hobbies.

We just go done explaining that leadership skills are not the same thing as management skills, even though they're often confused (see above section).