Law is a system of rules a society sets to maintain order

Time, Place and Manner Restrictions
Article 6(2) of the Proclamation provides wide discretion for the government to refuse to permit a peaceful demonstration or political meeting at a certain time or location. According to the provision, peaceful demonstrations or political meetings may not be held if the government office “is of the opinion” that “in order to maintain peace and security” it is preferable for the peaceful demonstration or political meeting to be held at some other time or place.

and property and to maintain orderliness

Principles are the basis for God's laws… they are the reasons behind His laws. And if you were to read the entire Law of Moses, you would have a much better understanding of God thoughts on many matters. They are the guidelines we can refer to in order to make wise decisions.

through the maintenance of peace and order, ..

If the Court finds that you are eligible for protection and that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Abuser/Respondent caused serious bodily harm or placed you in fear of imminent serious bodily harm, a Temporary Protective Order will be issued and a Final Protective Order hearing will be scheduled for the following week. The Temporary Protective Order is not effective until it is served on the Respondent by local law enforcement. A Temporary Protective Order may be extended for up to 6 months “for good cause.” If the Respondent has not been served and you are still in fear for your safety after the 6 month expiration, you may re-file your Petition.

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In order to obtain a Peace Order, the Petitioner must allege and prove that the person who has abused him or her has committed one of nine specified acts within 30 days before filing of the Peace Order petition. In addition, the Petitioner must prove that the specified act is likely to occur again. Those acts include an act which causes serious bodily harm, or that places the Petitioner in fear of imminent serious bodily harm, assault, rape or sexual offense, false imprisonment, harassment, stalking, trespass, and malicious destruction of property.

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The federal law requires jurisdictions (other than the jurisdiction that issued a Protection Order) to enforce your Protection Order even if you have not registered or filed it as may be required by local, state, or tribal law. However, you may want to consider registering or filing your Order when you travel or move out of state. There are some risks and benefits to this, and some are listed below. You may want to talk with a domestic violence advocate who can explain the process and help you decide whether filing or registration is safe for you to do.


Law enforcement officers, the courts, and prosecutors are required to enforce your Protection Order the same way they would enforce Orders from their own community. For example, if the police would arrest someone for violation of a locally-issued Order, they would have to do the same with a non-local Order. Also, prosecutors should charge the crime, and judges should hear the case, according to the laws where the violation occurred.
Are there other federal laws that might apply to my case?
Federal law prohibits an abuser subject to a qualifying Protection Order from possessing firearms and ammunitions. Abusers are not banned from possessing guns and ammunitions permanently, only for the time that the order of protection is in existence. Additionally, there may be “official use” exemptions, which allow law enforcement and military personnel who are subject to a Protection Order to possess their service weapon while on duty.

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If you are not eligible to file for a Protective Order, you can seek protection through the Peace Order process. This process allows individuals such as dating partners, neighbors, or a former friend of an abuser to petition the court for emergency protection. A person may use the Peace Order to protect him or herself from abusers who are stalkers (regardless of whether that abuser is known to the victim) who target another person for harassment or abuse. (If you are eligible for a Protective Order, you are not eligible for a Peace Order, and vice-versa).