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Department of Justice (DOJ) published a guidance document for recipients of financial assistance that helps law enforcement agencies develop policies and procedures for dealing with non-English speaking individuals.

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+ T program, if widely supported and presented in both recruit and in-service training, will not only increase officer safety, and enhance the standing of our law enforcement officers in their respective communities, helping to re-establish the positive police-citizen relationships essential to effective law enforcement in American society, it will help prevent needless tragedy and loss of life.

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Law enforcement agencies can obtain a free copy of the DVD through the Office for Civil Rights.

The Official Rules governing CLEET can be found at the Oklahoma Administrative Code and Register, Title 390 - Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. Some rules may be delayed in being updated on the Office of Administrative Rules' website.

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The DOJ guidance does not require law enforcement agencies to use only certified interpreters, but it reminds administrators that they should have some way to verify the linguistic skills of an interpreter.

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The DOJ guidance provides help by establishing a so-called “Safe Harbor” provision, a standard that assures law enforcement agencies that certain actions would be considered strong evidence of compliance with the obligation to provide written translations.

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The DOJ guidance states that a law enforcement agency may meet the “Safe Harbor” provision by translating vital documents into the language of each LEP language group that makes up five percent or 1,000, whichever is less, of its service population.