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(REO)is a manufacturer of a variety of HeNe lasers including red, "other color"(green, yellow, orange), IR, and dual wavelength cylindrical laser heads,as well as their flagship 5 color tunable HeNe laser.

 Plastics processing is one of the fastest growing application areas for laser technology.
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Plastics processing is one of the fastest growing application areas for laser technology. In recent years, development of new types of lasers has gained them roles in welding, cutting, engraving, marking, sintering, flame polishing, drilling, and photo-polymerizing of plastics. These applications have had an impact on a number of markets, including automotive, medical devices, printed circuits, and rapid prototyping.

High-power GaN diode lasers and their applications.

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UV neodymium:solid-state lasers are also used to drill microvia holes for high-density interconnect applications in flexible circuitry. Such applications typically require small-feature resolution and ultra-high-quality processing of polyimide, which cannot be provided by CO2 lasers. Since uv neodymium:solid-state lasers leave very little residual debris or carbonization, they are ideal for delicate applications where it is impractical to perform post-process cleaning of the flexible circuit.

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They have also taken over the HeNe productlines of competitors like Aerotech and Hughes, and still manufacturesome lasers based on those companies' designs, though that representsonly a small fraction oftheir production.

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Lasers that emit light in the infrared (IR) portion of the wavelength spectrum (>700 nm) are widely used in materials processing. Three types of IR lasers are carbon-dioxide (CO2), diode, and IR neodymium:solid-state lasers. These lasers create “hot” processes that thermally transform plastics. Because various types of plastics behave differently at each IR wavelength, a different type of IR laser is appropriate to each plastics application.

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In most cases, fully integrated laser systems are now available for plastics applications. They include the laser, beam-delivery system, electronics, materials-handling equipment, and control software. These user-friendly and maintenance-free systems typically require very little process development on the part of the user.

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Although CO2 lasers are available with several kilowatts of output power, most laser applications in plastics are done with relatively low power due to the low melting point of most plastics. Furthermore, CO2 lasers are computer controlled within automated machining stations in order to control the amount of power applied. This eliminates overheating an area, which could cause excessive charring or distortion of the plastic part.

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Litron Lasers is a specialist in the design and manufacture of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, PIV Nd:YAG lasers, DPSS Nd:YAG, CW Nd:YAG lasers and true TEM00 lasers. Wavelengths available are 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, 266 nm and 213 nm. Applications include PIV and Visualisation, Spectroscopy and LIBS, Surface Processing and Ablation, Scientific Research, LCD and Semiconductor Processing, Laser Pump Sources, Photoacoustic Imaging and Remote Sensing. Designed to be rugged and offer true 24 hour operation our range of pulsed YAG lasers is extremely extensive ranging from small compact Q-switched systems to ultra high energy lasers including injection seeding options, high repetition rate lasers, true TEM00 lasers and fully integrated type II BBO OPO tunable lasers. Our range of DPSS CW lasers also includes pulsed Nd:YLF lasers offering industry leading outputs of up to 30 mJ per pulse at 1 kHz, 527 nm.