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submitted by Alan Atkinson – 6th Class 56/57
I was at Roseville Public School from Infants up until 6th Class. My Brother Robert left at the end 1960. Left at the end of 1957 to go to Crows Nest Boys High School. Remember Graham Fish, Cliff Allen, Ken McGregor, David Cust, David Hunt, John Ebsary, Brian Degotardi, Phillip Adams, Bill Ferris, Geoff and Allen Edinborough, John Mashman, Barry Lambert, Tim Vidler, Gerald Toltz, Robert Mitchell, Ross Shaw,
Michael Stanford, Patty Winter, Marilyn Garrett, Kay McPhee. Look forward to catching up. Reunion a great idea. Thanks Bronwyn and Dick for taking the trouble to organise the reunion.

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submitted by Geoff Green – 6th class 55
Started in Kindergarten …many great memories…Rosie Baths with Mr Sly…1a with Miss Christian 3a with Mr Maitland 6a with Pop Louden…the best with the cane'”six of the best”watching the girls playing vigoro hoping like hell that a stray ball would come into the boys playground…being taught to play cricket by Ces Aldus winning the district cricket competition which had never been done by this school before learning to play the flute with Mr Brown… ringing the lunch time bell ….if I had been a good boy….Praying that the brakes on Monty’s bus would stop us before we went into the Roseville River. Hated the warm milk…our class always seemed to be last to get to the milk crates…School assembly a chance to sing all the great yester year songs. Looking forward to catching up

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submitted by Ruth Binns (nee Jacobson) – 6th Class 52
I remember, Wendy Earl, Jean Barber, Barbara Lickley ( her birthday party at Castlecrag) Marg Lackey the Principal who had us out on the hot bitumen exercising only if we had done our “Little and Often” Math homework. Life Saving at Roseville Baths and later racing in the Club. I also remember Fran Freeman – her mother Mrs. Freeman in those days was President of the Swimming Club. National Fitness Camp with water restrictions where we never had a shower for a week!! We swam in the lake that we decided had tealeaves on the bottom. I would love to catch up in September but will be overseas.

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submitted by Rosetta Davenport (nee Allison) – 6th Class 30’s
Born in 1923 so was not at Roseville school for many years due to the depression. Walking home (Corona Avenue) from school on hot summer afternoons through the heat haze rising from the melting black asphalt road and once a week skipping music lessons to join my brothers catching tadpoles, until caught. Dancing the maypole, girls and boys, its multi coloured ribbons weaving patterns as we danced. Great fun and happy memories. Due to house renovations I will not be able to attend. I hope it is a wonderful day and lots of fun. Lots of good wishes.