Then we’re back into the cliff-hanger finale of ‘The Doctor ..

Scoop Scanlon: 1938, Action Comics #1. Scoop is a gun toting reporter who goes up against a range of villains and gets involved in plenty of gunfights. He is a reporter for The Bulletin from some un-named city. He is helped by his friend and photographer Rusty James. The two also appeared in New York World's Fair Comics #1

Shining Knight: 1941, Adventure Comics #66. Sir Justin is a knight of Camelot who sallies forth to fight an ogre. Successful, he rescues Merlin who rewards him with a magical suit of armor, sword, and winged horse called Winged Victory. Somehow, even with a flying horse, the duo fall into a crevasse and fall into suspended animation. He thaws in modern times at the beginning of WWII. He fights crime with his bulletproof armor, flying horse and super sharp sword. He's a founding member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, arguably the most powerful of the team.

Spectre: 1942, More Fun Comics #52. Jim Corrigan is a cop who is slain in the line of duty. Instead of going to Heaven, he's sent back to Earth by the "Voice" to fight crime and supernatural menaces. He is still Corrigan, but ever present in his mind is that as Corrigan, he's not really alive. As the Spectre, he has vast powers, whatever the situation demands. Clarice Winston is Corrigan's old girlfriend. NOTE: In his first appearance, his cloak is a blue-gray instead of green.

Starman: 1941, Adventure Comics #61. Ted Knight is an amateur astronomer and scientist. He invents the "gravity rod" which uses the power from distant stars (in some instances, it is powerless in daylight). In addition to allowing the bearer to negate gravity, he can use it to remotely affect electrical systems and various plot required devices. He uses this to fight crime. To his girlfriend Doris Lee, he pretends to be sickly, worn out by too much excitement, etc. He joins the Justice Society of America.. NOTE: By Gardner Fox and Jack Burnley, the Starman stories are amazingly well done, with solid plots, interesting villains, and well executed illustrative artwork that was better than most superhero comics. In the 1960s, he was in a couple of stories pairing him up with the Black Canary drawn by Murphy Anderson.

Star-Spangled Kid & Stripesy: 1941, Star-Spangled Comics #1. Bookish Sylvester Pemberton proves to have a streak of patriotic iron in him and after he and Pat Dugan break up a pro-German bund, the two decide to team up and fight criminals against America as the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy. Pat is hired on by the Pemberton family as chauffeur and mechanic. The two build the Star Racer a flying car. They are founding members of The Seven Soldiers of Victory. Stripesy is played as being a bit of a big lug, but he shows a strong inventive streak. The strip is an interesting reversal where the kid is the main hero and the adult is the side kick. Stripesy is eventually wounded and replaced by Sylvester's step sister.

i just read the last of that chapter and it's cliff hanger if i ever did see one

I believe this may date from a re-build of the aircraft by a Mr Hansen, who dubbed it a "Lockheed Hansen YO-3A" and presumably took the last digit of the military serial.

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Of course the drama doesn't stop there. Jimmy ends the show with a Bachelor-perfect cliff-hanger, teasing an appearance from the little one's 'estranged wife Charlie.'

Captain Desmo: 1938, New Adventure Comics #26. Captain Desmo is a heroic aviator. He was the youngest flyer in the First World War and continues to fly various missions that promise adventure. He stands out by constantly wearing an aviator's cap with a star on it, giving him a superhero type look at this early date. On one early mission he saves Gabby McGuire who becomes his sidekick. Major McAlistair of His Majesty's Lancers serves as contact for many of his missions most of which took place in India and the far East. For some unknown reason, Desmo wears his cowl all the time: on a mission, lounging in the house in casual clothes, asleep, etc. There seems to be a reason for it, as Gabby questions Desmo about it, but it remains unrevealed. Would think it would make things difficult when he's supposed to be undercover or investigating discretely. On the other hand, Gabby isn't much to talk as he wears his bowler hat even when bathing.