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It is both vulnerable, yet at the same time inviolate and possessing great transforming power.
Assess your involvement with this archetype by asking whether you see life through the eyes of a benevolent, trusting God/Goddess, or whether you tend to respond initially with fear of being hurt or with a desire to hurt others first.

The epic hero archetype exists as a source of entertainment but also as a demonstrative tool.

Moreover, Campbell’s “Heroic Archetype” requires the archetypes of quest, fear, dragon, task, and virtue; with which the hero will have to confront on their journey....

Joseph Campbell's definition of a hero

The hero archetype is a pattern involved with transformation and redemption.

Actually, I still think the Hero’s Journey and the monomyth can work well for the female character. Recently, I watched ‘Gravity’ with Sandra Bullock and found every element of the formula, not only to be present and accounted for, but also to fit very well with the heroine’s journey. If we think Joseph Campbell was thinking backwards and not forwards, then perhaps it us who is thinking backwards and not forwards.

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The audience of Teen Wolf is making the show prominent among other television shows with its action scenes and content of the television show, Carl Jung’s character archetypes of the ideal hero, the sidekick/ally, the caregiver, the mentor, the hunter, and the villain affect the characters’ actions....

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Mark Twain’s own obsession with the idea of solitude and society led him to explore the issue of identity in his stories, and the archetype of the outcast is particularly prevalent in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Twain stresses the importance of the independent vagrant hero....

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I really love this idea. I’ve always felt that the Hero’s Journey is a male-centric model. It was uncovered by analyzing the products of male fantasy and myth. I’ve seen psychologists talk about the role of sexual selection in pushing the hero archetype to the forefront of men’s minds- selection pressure is pretty much a female-on-male phenomenon. Women face an entirely different set of pressures and challenges. It only makes sense for them to have a different archetypal story.

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Joseph Campbell, a mythologist who studied many of the great human myths and religious tales, realized, in studying these myths and tales, that there were certain steps that every hero went through.

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As I sign off on the color printing proofs for my , I keep thinking of the great stories we tell. Becoming familiar with historian Joseph Campbell’s classic “hero’s journey” brings the whole world of myth, sales, and Hollywood into renewed focus.