Kennedy and the President's two brothers lit a flame.

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Addison (1/10/2012)
I think that video of the bullet was ver informing.

JFK was as tuff as nails the bullets were rubber to him JFK does not even request an asperin.
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drake (4/20/2011)
it is wierid he got hit in the back of the head a fell back in the seat

Tomeca (4/20/2011)
One of the best Presidents in the world was taken to soon

:D (4/17/2011)

the remains of PresidentKennedy were lowered into the grave.

Kennedy, the former president's slain brother,was undisturbed.
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Frequently, officials entitled to State Funerals have been discreetly askedfor their preferences in regard to the ceremonies and contingency planshave been framed accordingly, but no such information existed for PresidentKennedy.

If Kennedy Lived: The First and Second Terms of President John F

Kennedy, supported by the Kennedy family,among them the President's mother, took up position at the right of thegrave with the late President's personal staff in the rear.

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And so almost an hourand a half after arriving at the cathedral, the slow procession moved awayon the long drive to a grassy slope below the old Lee mansion, where PresidentKennedy's grave will look down for as long as this Republic can expect,across the Potomac river to the Lincoln Memorial and the city he so completelydominated for so few brief years.

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Kennedy and the group that had accompanied herto the medical center then came from the hospital suite where they hadwaited, the casket was placed in the ambulance, and the motorcade, ledby General Wehle, proceeded to the White House where the President's bodywould lie in the East Room.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963)

There, members of the Kennedy family were to leave thecars in which they had ridden from the Capitol and, joined by PresidentJohnson and other dignitaries, were to proceed on foot to the cathedral.

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald - WW2 Gravestone

kennedy researcher (5/12/2011)
he died november 22, 1963 at 12:30

lila (5/6/2011)
What time did he die??

leah thomas (4/28/2011)
i think what happened to jfk is really sas.