John & Elizabeth Edwards – Rich Wretches | Kerfuffles …

The first week of January is a sanctoral hit-parade for the Church in the United States. Today we honor St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and tomorrow, St. John Neumann. Both of them have connections to New York City.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. John Neumann, pray for us and our Catholic schools.

Under the headline "Saint Elizabeth and the Ego Monster," the writers depict a humble candidate transformed by fame into a narcissist who ignored fervent entreaties by his staff to turn away from a loopy, new-agey admirer named Rielle Hunter.

Elizabeth and John Sherrill - Home

John’s Baptist Church, located in the historic Elizabeth Community of Charlotte, NC

It seems the higher values and a healthy dose of old-fashioned incredulity (Could he really be that big a cad?) put America's most prestigious news organizations on the sidelines as presidential hopeful John Edwards embarked on an extramarital affair of epic audacity.