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Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to all future presidents not to interfere with the private Federal Reserve's control over the creation of money.

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, and on November 29 President Johnson signed creating a President's Commission headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. Soon dubbed the . this body's other members included Senators Russell and Cooper, Representatives Ford and Boggs, former High Commissioner of Germany John McCloy, and Allen Dulles, CIA Director for several years until forced into resignation by Kennedy following the failed invasion of Cuba.

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Costella are now editing a new on-line journal for advanced study of the assassination of JFK, ASSASSINATION RESEARCH.

Contradictions are dismissed as being naive or,more likely, part of the conspiracy itself. Jonathan Alter had some interesting comments on "JFK" in the 1998 "ACentury of the Movies" Special Issue of Newsweek, p.

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Part 2: The Organizers
The viewer will remote view the highest level organizational and planning meeting that orchestrated the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The viewer will perceive the individuals involved in the meeting, the thoughts and emotions of those individuals, and the hierarchical structure around which those involved in the assassination are organized.

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In late 1966, the New Orleans District Attorney, whose office had briefly detained an Oswald-connected pilot named David Ferrie on the weekend of the assassination, began quietly reinvestigating the New Orleans aspect of JFK's assassination. Oswald had spent the summer of 1963 in that city, engaging in strange pro-Castro activities which many have interpreted as "building a pro-Castro legend" rather than genuine.

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Certainly, the discoveries reported here remove any question about the film's authenticity and reveal the lengths to which the conspirators were willing to go to cover up the true cause of death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


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Part 1: The Shooters:
The viewer will remote view the assassination of John F. Kennedy as it occurred in Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Friday, November 22, 1963. The viewer will perceive the assassination itself in all of its complexity as well as any preparatory activity immediately prior to the assassination that may be related to the assassination.

Did George H.W. Bush witness JFK assassination?

A subcommittee headed by Richard Schweiker and Gary Hart looked into the JFK assassination, focusing primarily on how the FBI and CIA worked with the Warren Commission.