Tea Cake and Janie gone hunting.

By exposing Janie to the world, and providing her with experiences and memories, Tea Cake directs her to the ‘horizon,’ where she can lead a fulfilling life.

Gone off to Sanford in a car with Tea Cake and her alldressed in blue!
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At first, her grandmother pressures her to marry Logan, then she runs from her marriage to marry Jody, but ultimately finds true love with Tea Cake....

TeaCake and Janie gone fishing.

Tea Cake and Janie gone to Orlandoto the movies.
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Tea Cake does both (he's awesome like that) and, because of this steady flow of communication, he and Janie are able to talk out and resolve their problems. Equally importantly, they both reassure each other of their love on a regular basis. #relationshipgoals

Tea Cake is Janie's last husband who treats her as ..

He got mad one day because she wouldn't sleep with him and he raised a pistol at her and shot a few blanks so she shot him before the next bullet and killed him.
Chapter 19
Janie and Tea Cake met at the store before she closed.

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Tea Cake brought something to the table Janie has never seen in a man and instantly had chemistry with him.
Chapter 10
Tea Cake and Janie ran off to get married right after Tea Cake got his next pay in Jacksonville.

What does Teacake do to make Janie feel loved and respected

Her marriage with Logan Killicks consisted of dull, daily routines. Wedding herself to Joe Starks brought her closer to others, than to herself. In her final marriage to Vergible Woods, also known as Tea Cake, she finally learned how to live her life on her own. In the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie suffered through many difficult situations that eventually enabled her to grow into an independent person....

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Tea Cake is different from all of her other husbands because he never foroced Janie to do anything for him just as long as she was by his side was fine.

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Janie is a sweet , young innocent girl whose whole body is made up of love and as she grows older she begins to blossom to the romantic quality and wants to find love.
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Tea Cake is Janie's true love.