He was named David after his birth on St

Marc Charles Wilbur - Avon Park Police Department
Nick Pham - Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Alex Del Rio - Hollywood Police Department
James Walker - Miami Police Department
Donna Fitzgerald - Florida Department of Corrections
Andrew Widman - Fort Myers Police Department
Anthony Forgione - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office
Sandra Joyce Bullock - Bushnell Police Department
Christopher M. Kane - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

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Roger Corman wasn’t the only producer working in Hollywood with his finger on the pulse of youth culture. Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider, both originally from the East Coast, met in the early 60s while working in television and soon after formed Raybert Productions. Inspired by the Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night (1964), the pair decided to develop a television series about a fictional rock and roll group and succeeded in selling the idea to LA based production company Screen Gems.

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Deputy Sheriff John Robert Kotfila - Hillsborough County
Special Agent Scott McGuire - U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Deputy Sheriff Eric Oliver - Nassau County Sheriff's Office
Department of Corrections Jorge Ramos - Florida Department of Corrections
Police Officer Jorge Sanchez - Miami Police Department
Deputy Sheriff Scott Williams - Taylor County Sheriff's Office

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Ronnie Brown - Polk County Sheriff's Office
Mike Roberts - Tampa Police Department
Giovanni Gonzalez - Miami-Dade Police Department
Burton (Burt) Lopez - Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
Warren (Skip) York - Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
Mark Parker - Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Adam Sanderson - Union County
Scott Bierwiler - Hernando County Sheriff's Office

James David Graham Niven was born in Belgrave Mansions, London, to William Edward Graham Niven (1878–1915) and his wife, Henrietta Julia (née Degacher) Niven

Richard L. Beecher-Punta Gorda Police Department
Elmer C. Barnett-Florida Highway Patrol
Lonnie C. Coburn-Hernando County Sheriff's Office
George M. King-Crestview Police Department
Alvin V. Kohler-Florida Highway Patrol
Roy L. Lacy-Pompano Beach Police Department
Robert H. Milligan-Broward County Sheriff's Office
Luis Pena-Coral Gables Police Department

George J. Connors-Ft. Lauderdale Police Department
James R. Flynt-Palm Beach Gardens Police Department
Bradley S. Glascock-Florida Highway Patrol
Roanld J. Mahoney-Clearwater Police Department
Daniel F. Millar-North Miami Beach Police Department
John D. Patton-Carrabelle Police Department
George A. Pfiel-Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Jimmie R. Moore-Sebring Police Department
Phillip A. Black-Florida Highway Patrol
Clark H. Curlette-Dade County Public Safety Department
Frank K. D'Azevedo-Dade County Public Safety Department
James Davis-Deerfield Beach Police Department
Kenneth E. Flynt-Florida Highway Patrol
William D. Hilton-Florida Highway Patrol
Thomas A. Hodges, Jr.-Dade County Public Safety Department
Raymond R. Hopper-Jupiter Police Department
Richard D. Howell-Florida Highway Patrol
Walter F. Irey-Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Jim R. Moore-Sebring Police Department
Richard M. Watkins, III-Clay County Sheriff's Office
William T. Williams-Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Michael D. Yahl-Lee County Sheriff's Office

Kenneth D. Berlin, Jr.-Tampa Police Department
Norman A. Drew-Key West Police Department
Jan L. Harris-Collier County Sheriff's Office
Captain H. Audie Motes-Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
Warren D. Jones-Sarasota Police Department
Ronald A. Parker-St. Augustine Beach Police Department
Samuel J. Parker-Orange County Sheriff's Office
Herman Ridgeway-Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Michael D. Stewart-Duval County Sheriff's Office
Anthony W. Williams-Tampa Police Department

Buster G. Adams-Crestview Police Department
Simmons Arrington-Dade County Public Safety Department
Charles E. Campbell-Florida Highway Patrol
Ronald S. Combs-Florida Highway Patrol
Harrison Crenshaw-Dade County Public Safety Department
Danese B. Crowder-Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Comm.
Walter G. Ilyankoff-Ft. Lauderdale Police Department
Wilburn A. Kelly-Florida Highway Patrol
John D. Kennedy-Delray Beach Police Department
Victor J. MacDonald, Jr.-Taylor County Sheriff's Office
Sollie W. Rabun, Jr.-Polk County Sheriff's Office
Andrew M. Redding-Lantana Police Department
Meredith S. Runck-Riveria Beach Police Department
Charles L. Wilkerson-Escambia County Sheriff's Office