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One defense against copyright infringement is fair use. Fair use allows you to use someone’s copyrighted work without permission. However, invoking fair use is not a straightforward matter.

The Judges must beexperts in copyright law and economics, and must have years of experience.

Thanks, Brad! I do understand the sculpture copyright issue. I will likely ask the company for permission–that’s what I thought I would need to do in the first place. But then others were telling me I didn’t need to, and I kind of just wanted to clear it up definitively so we all knew the answer. Because I think as more authors are doing their own artwork, this will become an issue for many of them. And I will check out that other link, too.

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The origins of the Film and the artistic/animated element in theFilm should be ascertained - basic idea, sequence of events andcharacters, and, if applicable, animation elements, for thepurpose, among others, of avoiding copyright and idea submissionclaims. It should be ascertained if submissions of any similarproperties have been received by the Filmmaker or anyone elseinvolved in the production and, if so, Filmmaker must be able toshow the circumstances as to why the submitting party may not claimtheft or infringement.

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For example, assume Bob wrote the script and the film wasproduced by a partnership made up of Bob and Mary. Chain of titlein the film would be shown by (1) a certificate of authorshipsigned by Bob indicating that the script is original, written byBob, and that no rights have previously been granted, (2) acopyright certificate in Bob's name for the script, (3) anassignment or other written transfer of the right to make a filmbased on the script from Bob to the partnership, and (4) acopyright certificate for the film registered in the name of thepartnership. This may seem like a hassle, but it is typicallyrequired for any television or theatrical distribution.

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Current legal and public policy controversies over intellectual propertyhave their origin in the development of xerography and electronic informationtechnology during the sixties and seventies. Prior to that, the most seriousarea of dispute concerned the fair handling of copyrights to music. Radiobroadcasting and sound recording technology made possible social practicessimilar to the broadcasting of information through telecommunications networksand the duplication of printed works through photocopying.

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I’m making a game server, I have an option in-game where you would be paying real money for a donation, one of the rewards for donating are cars in game that are real cars made by real car manufacturers am I violating the law in anyway by making these cars cost real money?

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Material Used On Set. If in the set dressing (including,without limitation, any props, no matter how inconsequential) or inany other manner, pre-existing material is used which may beprotected by copyright, such as paintings, photographs, artobjects, articles, book covers, magazines, newspapers, and evenitems of décor such as wallpaper (and the list could go on forpages) the written consent of the copyright proprietor of any suchmaterial must be secured. Note that the permission of the owner ofthe original or of a duplicate of the physical material is notsufficient. Thus a release to film in a particular location is notsufficient to cover the use of any artwork which may be present inthat location - the permission of the copyright proprietor of thatartwork is mandatory. Sometimes the "fair use" defense will apply,however Filmmaker should never rely on this limited defense withoutconsulting an experienced attorney.