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One of primary means to promote peace between nations is the educational system. In Israeli high schools Arabic is taught as one of required languages. Special educational programs greatly emphasize the need for peaceful coexistence with Israel's Arab neighbors. In contrast, textbooks used in Palestinian Authority schools portray Jews and Israelis in most derogatory and hateful terms (). In summer camps and kindergartens, Palestinian Arab children undergo paramilitary training against Israel. Some Arab Institutions and parents train children at an early age as suicide bombers. This educational atmosphere makes peace impossible in this generation, and plants the seeds of hatred among the coming generations of Arab children as well.

Then in 1987, the Palestinian population collectively rose up against Israel's repressive policies.

With the death of the Palestinian PLO leader, Yasser Arafat, there is hope that major world leaders can attempt yet again to broker a lasting peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

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The Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza were not given citizenship in Israel or equal protection or benefits under the law.

Poor, disenfranchised and lacking an effective military, Palestinians resorted to bloody terrorism strikes against Israeli military and civilian targets. Unfortunately, strong Israeli military response against the Palestinians has resulted in an ongoing cycle of violence that has continued for decades.

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How can I as a tourist visit the Holy Land sites and still be a supporter of “Boycott, Divestiture, Sanctions”? When I boycott Israel’s economic, banking, commercial, military, academic, cultural and tourism activities, I do not want to end up hurting the rights and income of the Palestinian people.

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Definitely anything with a label that says “Made in Israel” should be boycotted. It seems Brooklinen has decided to team up with a factory in Israel and it is worth letting them know that such economic support for Israel ignores the Palestine BDS call and supports Israeli apartheid. The list is focussed on companies that have active campaigns directed towards them… Please let us know if you write an email or take further action and we’ll certainly add them to the list.

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The Palestinian BDS National Committee emphasizes a targetted approach to the boycott campaign and “context sensitivity,” that is if activists in a region have good reasons to boycott a particular company they will be supported.
Certainly avoiding any product made in Israel is a good idea to avoid providing financial support to the Israeli government and companies profiting from its apartheid policies. If any app can help with that, all the better.

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The BDS movement successfully pressured the company to close (at least sooner than planned) its factory in an illegal settlement, but the company is still very much a target, not just because it moved to an area developed by displacing Palestinian bedouins. BDS is a comprehensive boycott of Israeli companies and companies supporting its policies, not just settlement companies.

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