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The Tuamotu Atolls are the largest of the Polynesian archipelagos, Tahiti’s ‘Strand of Pearls’ with 76 islands and atolls spread over more than 7500 square miles. Four of these atolls – Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau, Fakarava – offer world-class scuba diving, horseback riding, shark feeding and deep-sea fishing. In addition, the ecosystem in the Fakarava atoll is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. And Manihi is ‘the Pearl Island’, the site of the first of many pearl farms that have made Tahiti famous for prized, cultivated black pearls.

18/02/2018 · French Polynesia is a territory of France located in the South Pacific

They call the island of Tahiti ‘The Queen of the Pacific’. It’s the largest and most populated island, and is the starting point for travelers, who fly into the capital city Papeete. Don’t miss Marae Arahurahu, an ancient Tahitian outdoor temple, or, in the centre of town, the market with tropical produce and fresh local fish and Tahitian arts and crafts, including the biggest selection of pareus (sarongs) in the country. Outside the city, Tahiti boasts spectacular scenery: lush green peaks tower over cascading waterfalls and rippling pools in the interior, and black- and white-sand beaches and turquoise lagoons at the sea.

French Polynesia Map and Tahiti Map, South Pacific Islands

A map of Tahiti and the French Polynesia islands with travel information and vacation planning tips

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