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Installing a check valve will allow water from your house to drain into the sewer, but prevent any sewer water from backflowing into your house. This solution works very well, but requires a plumber and some expensive digging to install.

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If you’re in a pinch again, the “unfinished” cabinets at Home Cheapo are decent quality and made of actual wood, not MDF. A little sanding and a coat of high quality primer and paint and you’ve got a great looking cabinet at a fair price. We used these for a pantry rebuild and a large island install (sink, dishwasher, and cabinets) and it worked well.

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NOT a cheap, 12 volt battery powered back-up pump. (A regular 120 volt uninterrupted power supply). Many of our past clients have ignored the recommendation to install a 120 volt UPS backup and have suffered greatly for it. Their basements got wet, their carpets were ruined and the drywall got all moldy. Power failures usually occur along with rain storms and the time you most need your sump pump is when it is raining. In addition, you should install a 2nd, full sized, 120 volt pump beside the main pump. These back-up pumps are usually placed 6-8" higher (on a couple of bricks) than the main pump and will provide extra drainage flow if there is a large amount of water draining into the sump, or in the case your main sump pump fails. When buying a sump pump, do not get a cheap model from your local Home Improvement store. Go to a reputable plumbing supply dealer and buy a heavy duty, cast iron cased commercial grade pump. They last much longer and have greater pumping capacity and are well worth their higher price. Make sure each sump pump is equipped with a check valve (allows water to flow out, but not back in) and make sure to change the check valve every 5 years because they wear out. It is also a good idea to have your sump pipe drain outside and away from the house and not drain into the local sewer system (in some municipalities, draining the sump pipe into the sewer is illegal).