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I have 3 bottles of both WILD GROWTH Oils, yesterday I used them after leaving the Light Oil Moisturizer as my leave in conditioner and put 10 drops in my TRESemme deep cleanse shampoo, my hair has growth a lot my new growth is and and the moisturizer for 6 days and of course using them 3 times per week, I had my hair pulled out by my satin bonnet cap in October and in December the hair is growing back good, they are the bomb and

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Q55: Both used together, Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer's contribution to hair fullness and reversal or elimination of thin or bald areas was: mild

Q56: How long did it take to see greater fullness or improvement in thin or bald areas since using both Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer together (answer only if this question applies)? at least 1 month but less than 2

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This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

This oil was listed as the 3rd best product for black hair by one of the leading magazines. After buying the oil I can see why it was rated so highly. I have an oil that makes my short hair .

Of course there is one major negative. That is that the smell is awful. But that smell goes away for the most part once it dries. I use it only after shampooing and then use other hair crèmes daily to maintain the moisture. This seems to work well and loose the smell.

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This is a brilliant idea I have sewn one before but had problems with securing the strap, so was well happy when I saw your tutorial for a water bottle sling I have made three so far for my grandchildren I put a slider on the strap and made it longer so there can use it as they grow, now making one for myself thanks for such as easy to follow tutorial , I have signed up for your newsletter and look forward to seeing your future tutorials thanks Janet for sheerness in Kent England x

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[…] Water bottle slings are a quick and easy sew that make a great accessory to take on long walks and trips to the park. Looking for something a bit more patch-worky? Try this version instead. […]

I think I am a little confused on how to sew the bottom

You certainly can cut and sew a circle, but I wanted to keep the design very easy for beginners and pinning and sewing a circle can be tricky when you do it for the first time. When it’s inside out, just stitch across the bottom to close it off – and at this point, you should also sew the strap to the bottom of the pouch as well. Then, sew diagonally across the two corners about 2″ from the side and bottom. Cut off those triangles. This will give you a more square bottom than round, but as it’s a soft pouch, those corners won’t be very visible and they won’t be uncomfortable.

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Next, sew the two 9″ sides together, creating the sleeve for your water bottle. If you have a specific inside and outside, be sure that you’re sewing with the inside layer facing out. We’ll be turning this pouch right side out at the end. Stitch along the bottom edge (the rough edge where the batting shows) as well.