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They see marriage as more than a legal contract - it is a religious commitment. The couple promise to be loving companions and take each other as lifelong partners in a spirit of freedom and equality. Quaker weddings do not have to take place in registered buildings but they must be held indoors.Most couples will book their local Quaker meeting house although some may choose to hold their wedding at home or another alternative venue.A Quaker marriage is a community celebration and not just a ceremony for the couple.

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It lists traits of religions rather than declaring religion to be one thing or another, arguing that the more markers present in a belief system, the more ”religious like” it is:

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Yet it still resonates. In many parts of the world organised religion remains the most powerful force in society: more than 4.5 billion people identify with one of the world's four biggest religions, and that figure is rising. In Europe, though, religious faith and expression have collapsed in the past 170 years.