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In the beginning of the book, the narrator lives in a smallSouthern town. He is a model student, even being named his highschool's . Having written anddelivered a successful speech about the requirement of humility forthe black man's progress, he is invited to give his speech before agroup of important white men. However, he is first forced to fighta humiliating "" with other young black men. The battle royal consists ofthe young black men fighting blindfolded in a boxing ring whiletheir white superiors watch in enjoyment. After finally giving hisspeech, he receives a briefcase containing a scholarship to a blackcollege that is clearly modeled on .

Two important symbols Ellison uses in Invisible Man are dreams and the narrator’s briefcase.
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Invisible Man contains numerous references to 's Thefact that Brother Jack only has one eye may be a reference to thecyclops, to whom Odysseus claims that his name is "nobody". HomerBarbee's blindness mirrors that of Homer of Khios, the legendarypoet. During the "Battle Royal" scene, when the Narrator faces thedancing white woman, she is described as "a fair bird-girl girdledin veils calling to me from the angry surface of some gray andthreatening sea," a possible reference to a , beautiful women (usually portrayedwith scaled feet or with a fish tail for their lower extremities)who sing from a rock at sea in order to lure sailors to theirdeaths.

"The Invisible Man" By: Ralph Ellison

The book, The Invisible Man, takes us along the journey with a man that has no name.
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Invisible Man study guide contains a biography of Ralph Ellison, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Throughout the novel the Invisible Man encounters this phenomenon and although he strives to achieve his own identity in society, his determination is that it is impossible....

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Invisible Man is a novel written by , andthe only one that he published during his lifetime (his othernovels were published posthumously). It won him the in . The novel addresses many ofthe social and intellectual issues facing African-Americans in theearly twentieth century, including , the relationshipbetween black identity and , and the reformist racial policies of, as well as issues of individuality and personalidentity.

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Will he ever emerge? By examining his reasons for going underground, comparing and contrasting his emergence versus his staying below, why he would want to emerge, and the importance of social responsibility, one will see that Invisible Man will clearly emerge (Parker ).

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In his introduction to 30th Anniversary Edition of InvisibleMan,Ellison says that he started writing the book in a barn in in the Summer of 1945 where he was on sick leave fromthe and that the novelcontinued to preoccupy him in various parts of . Inan interview in the The Paris Review in 1955, Ellisonstates that the book took five years to complete with one year outfor what he termed as an "ill-conceived short novel." InvisibleMan was published as a whole in 1952; however, copyright datesshow the initial publication date as 1947, 1948, indicating thatEllison had published a section of the book prior to fullpublication. That section was the famous "Battle Royal" scene,which had been shown to , the editor of magazine by FrankTaylor, one of Ellison's early supporters.