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The popular Australian-operated adult website after The Herald Sun provided police with ‘a dossier of information’ about the allegedly illegal porn the site had ‘churned out in Melbourne since about 2000′.

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Girls Who Like Girls, Girls in Need and a bonus DVD attached to a Hustler magazine were just a small portion . An adult film can be banned in Australia if it contains fetishes, even one as common as spanking.

Popular Penguin edition of Lolita

After Wentworthville Police , one is refused classification and another rated M. Update: . We have now been informed this magazine was not classified RC and the ACB’s website has since been corrected.

12. Greater Union stops screening Aussie gang film in NSW.

‘The sexual relationship portrayed by the characters Mariah and Daniel in Matinée is not only a consensual, emotional and nuanced relationship, but their sex plays an important role in the story of the film’.

11. North Korean artists refused Australian Visa.

The after airing a segment in which a 14-year-old girl was strapped to a lie detector and questioned by her mother, Sandilands and Jackie O about her past experiences with sex and drugs — A recipe for disaster with the child admitting she was raped at the age of 12. There was a national outcry and legitimate concerns about the treatment (or exploitation) of children for entertainment were raised. However, many of the attacks focused more on silencing Sandilands and campaigning to remove him from the airwaves.

10. NSW Police go after Aussie Graffiti mags.

for airing a skit about terminally ill children. and that it had gone too far. , but calls for it to be axed were ignored and it soon returned.

9. More and more adult DVD bans.

was yanked from YouTube but why? Freeview Marketing Manager Liz Howarth but they had received a DMCA takedown notice from lawyers acting on behalf of Freeview Australia Limited. .

8. Books with incest pulled from Queensland libraries, banned.

Richards said it was unlikely that all of the libraries holding Mr Kevin’s novels will pull them from the shelves, but both books were later following an application from the Department of Justice and the Attorney General.

Books with graphic descriptions of murder remain on library shelves.

Anna Bligh is no stranger to this blog and her team made an appearance or two again this year (possibly for the most absurd reason yet). The to protect… well no one is sure who, it just had to be done. Transport Minister Rachel Nolan said she wasn’t anti-fun and ‘offenders are now slapped with a $40 fine.