The objective of the Somalia Interim Strategy Note FY14-16 ..

The situation for aid workers is difficult in Somalia. Roadblocks, harassment and ambushes make the situation dangerous and aid workers have been kidnapped and killed. When humanitarian organisations can no longer operate under the so called humanitarian imperative – to alleviate suffering and save lives based on the fundamental principles of humanity, independence, impartiality and neutrality – the ultimate consequence could be that they withdraw. This happened recently in August 2013 when Médecins Sans Frontières announced its withdrawal from Somalia.

US$1.5 billion required to assist 5.4 million people in Somalia Appeal from ..

Further, the agencies plan to hold fundraising campaigns not just for their own programs but even for others — including the UN Population Fund, which will help gather data. The three groups are also looking for “ambitious” partners to join the cause, Alinovi said. They have already started a dialogue with a group of investors and non-governmental organizations that support resilience programs in Somalia, and are working on partnerships with the private sector in areas such as water and health. Outreach to the Somali diaspora is being considered as well.

Since 1991, Somalia has essentially been a collapsed state

has guided relations between Somalia and the EU and other international partners

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This new strategy to Promote and Enhance Resilience in Somalia is defined by the FAO as “the ability to withstand threats and the ability to adapt to new options if necessary,” and it is at the core of the joint strategy. The strategy links humanitarian with development interventions and was designed “to strengthen asset bases, improve access to services … and ensure basic needs are met for the seasonally-at-risk.”

The New National Security Strategy: Focus on Failed …

In areas where FAO has an experienced livestock team and WFP has a strong agriculture program, for example, the two agencies could use their strengths and work together. Coordinating everything to minimize bureaucracy is a complex process, Khan conceded. But the joint strategy represents a change of direction and is not an easy task for the three U.N. bodies, Alinovi noted.

The New National Security Strategy: Focus on ..

Only time and scrutiny by the international community can tell whether the joint strategy will be revolutionary or not. Its goal is to achieve “new forms of accountability, new forms of analysis, new ways of working,” David Nabarro, special representative of the UN secretary-general for food security and nutrition, said at a recent event on efforts to build resilience in Somalia.