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For foreign-based businesses, we know how frustrating and inefficient it can be when your local business advisors don’t speak your language and understand your culture. Interacting with foreign parent companies and their external auditors requires extensive knowledge of international accounting and auditing standards, as well as cultural sensitivity.

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Bennett Thrasher, one of the in the country, is the leading Atlanta-based international accounting and tax advisory firm. For more than 10 years, we have been helping inbound and outbound international businesses, as well as individual investors, reduce their worldwide tax burdens and fulfill financial reporting requirements. Multinational businesses in , distribution and manufacturing, and many other sectors turn to our experienced International Services Team.

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When your business is expanding internationally, profitable growth is the primary objective. Extensive market research on the target location and distribution infrastructure is your first step. But achieving the greatest return on your investment also depends on structuring your branch or partnership in the most tax-efficient way, as well as thorough compliance with complex accounting and auditing standards.