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With all the atmospheric variables and the irregular and unpredictable generating outs due to the highly variable and unpredictable atmospheric effects on the Kite arrays, like the grossly overrated and extremely socially costly wind turbines, such Kite arrays would still need that minimum 80% plus of their actual generating output as back up in the form of rapid reaction, low efficiency gas and fossil fueled generators.
And THAT just means we are not back at the start economically but are economically and financially quite a lot worse off as individuals and a nation than if we just continued to rely on the increasingly efficient fossil fueled centralised power generators..

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A common fallacy in AWE is to reason from constraints inherent to tower-based wind farms. Kitefarms based on the same unstable “brush” topology as HAWTs, of many small AWES units each on its own tether, is economically and operationally marginal. AWE must be more than a poor imitation of “the tips of a turbine rotor”.

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Figure 8 Some of the main players and sponsors of high altitude wind power technology. Image credit KiteGen.

A new AWE design paradigm is emerging in the form of vast “rag & string” metamaterial structure with inherent topological stability ensured by many-connectedness of the latticed sail units and anchor field. A single control thread would thus suffice for GW scale production, and collminated lattice-waves could drive the largest legacy power plants, as kite-hybrids. When the wind lulls, fossil-fuels pick up the gap.

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Dave, if like me you are in the UK, then your view of the climate and wind is shaped by Atlantic cyclones, summer thunderstorms and sea and land breezes. I think in the first instance the kites will be tested in much less windy and less turbulent areas than the UK. Massimo has told me that after getting the control system sorted out that the majority of test flights last all day, apart from on those days when a technical hitch means the kite has to be recalled. The idea about building prototypes and testing them is to discover design faults and weaknesses and to then eliminate them.

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I don’t have time and there is little need to review all of the players on the high altitude wind field. But three other companies / concepts merit a brief mention.

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Angle of Attack
You are contradicting yourself!
This angle is calculated with the cord and the apparent/relative wind, the wing fly at 80m/s so the natural wind is only minor vector component composing the flow that involve the wing. It seems you have in mind a mere parachute inherently without relative wind. Hundred of scientific publications on the issue tried to explain this very recurrent and primordial evaluation error.

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The Makani system is comparable to the motion described by the tips of a turbine blade but has the advantage of being much lighter. And not being constrained by the height of the tower it can fly higher to access faster winds.