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The Indus Valley Civilization was the first major urban culture of South Asia

Many plants and animals were domesticated in the Indus Valley, and due to the areas susceptibility to flooding, technological innovations had to take place.

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The Indus Valley is important to understanding the beginnings of agriculture and early civilization....

For the Ancient Letters the pioneering edition by H. Reichelt (Die soghdischen Handschriftenreste des Britischen Museums, II: Die nicht-buddhistischen Texte, Heidelberg, 1931), accompanied with facsimiles, is obsolete and will eventually be replaced by a new edition by N. Sims-Williams, who has already published articles alone or with collaborators who have written the historical commentaries (see above). Sogdian epigraphy is covered by Moriyasu and Ochir (the Sogdian inscriptions commissioned by the first Turkish empire) and by Sims-Williams (in particular for the Upper Indus inscriptions discovered since 1979; his publication also provides the main reference to date on Sogdian onomastics). For recently discovered documents of a day-to-day character concerning Sogdian communities in China (merchants, peasants, monks), see below, the section “Archaeological and textual testimonies of Sogdians in China” (de la Vaissière & Trombert, Sims-Williams). Taken all together, these written records in the Sogdian language provide no more than glimpses on specific places and periods. The bulk of information on Sogdiana itself comes from Chinese records from the sixth to eighth centuries (E. Chavannes, Documents sur les Tou-kiue (Turcs) occidentaux. Saint-Pétersbourg, 1903) and from Arabic chronicles concerning the conquest (mainly The History of al-Tabari, 38 vols., Albany: State University of New York Press, 1987-97).