Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Written by Herself.

She lay down on the bed while Mabel, with feverish hands,got rid of all her cumbersome clothes. The governess watched her with an oddexpression, akin to lasciviousness. A short while later, the nubile body of theyoung slave was all bare. Delightfully plump and pink, this young body was likea spot of light in the dusk of the room. Mabel’s curvy shapes were reallyattractive. Wearing a cruelly tight corset had given her an un-naturally thinwaist which made her breasts stand out, as well as her plump buttocks, madeeven bigger still by the swelling brought about by constant whippings — theywere like two ripe fruits streaked with raised red welts.

In the beginning of the narrative Douglass seems to fulfill every stereotypical slavery theme.

Although the North and South had different styles of slavery, they still had an owner/slave relationship that remained demeaning when a person owns a person.

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Generally people in the North opposed slavery, while inhabitants of the South promoted it.

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

She punctuated her order with a slight lash with thehorsewhip and Mabel, ducking her bright red face out from under the skirts ofher Mistress answered; “I’m only a humble slave now, Divine Mistress, anobedient little bitch, happy to belong to you, and completely subservient toyour whip and whims.”

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The slave, on her knees, kissed respectfully her Mistress’sfeet. In the movement of bending down, her short skirt climbed upwards over themoons of her rear, revealing for a while her buttocks clad in silk knickers thecolor of peaches and quite suggestive.

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Life was following its slow dark course, uneventfully, atthe . Under the implacable yoke of herMistress’s Mabel was becoming every day more broken and submissive. She had nowacquired the real soul of a slave. She obeyed with equal zeal not just to thebeautiful Dorothea von Berner, but also to the imposing Eva Crimpton and evento the hateful maid Bridget. Mabel still loathed Bridget, but now saw her, notjust as a common maid, but as her superior in all things. Just a blow out of awhistle or an imperative clack of fingers sufficed to make Mabel throw herselfon her knees in front of any of these three Mistress’s, with her bodytrembling, her eyes full of tears and her big buttocks apprehending andexpecting a whipping.

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Miss Eva Crimpton as the experienced Mistress she was, hadgiven Mabel the decisive stroke that forput an end to Mabel Sunway’s personality. Mabel Sunway, thesophisticated and well-bred young society woman was gone, and in her place wassomething broken, without a spine or spirit. Now, Lord Kelington, coming backto his castle — would find only a meek slave without strength or will-power ofher own, a slave who never again would or could become a free-thinking womanagain.

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The poor slave was very uncomfortable, extremely hot, forshe was entirely dressed and her corset was squeezing her atrociously. Theenormous buttocks-flesh pressing against her face, ran with perspiration andsoon her hair became damp with the woman’s sweat. As for the suppository, itseffect was torturing her a lot. On each move made by her Mistress, Mabel had tofollow, for she could not detach herself in the least from the buttocks towhich she was tied, or rather glued, as it were.