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From our initial contact Mr Hadley of Outlook Window Cleaning was attentive to our needs. He promptly provided a quote for cleaning our guttering, was punctual and did a very good job. I have booked him again for cleaning the guttering next year.

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They know that allowing precipitation runoff to flow through their gutters freely will prevent water from pooling around their home and damaging their foundation.But, on the other hand, these people may not be very motivated to climb up a ladder and/or onto their roof to clean out their gutters.

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Gutter Helmet is different. This gutter protection system utilizes a reverse-curve cover with a special coating that allows runoff water to adhere to it and flow through an opening and into the gutter. Conversely, leaves and pine needles simply slide off the textured and ribbed surface and onto the ground, because there is no place for this debris to get stuck as they would on polypropylene bristles. In fact, Gutter Helmet guarantees that after having this product installed on your home, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again!

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Problems like this are very common and cause so much damage yet are easily avoided with a little planning and save on costly gutter repairs. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars repairing the effects of freezing/thawing (ice damns) on their gutters, wood work and foundations.


We remove leaves, debris, soil (the leaves turn into soil...your gutters are great composters) and other things (like tennis balls that you throw for your pup and end up in the gutters). As a crucial part of the gutter cleaning process, we check that all downspouts are clear of debris and working properly.

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The Trim-A-Gutter doesn�t allow leaves, seeds, and twigs from making it into the gutter.

- Wire strainers prevent leaves and other debris from clogging downspouts.

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Surface tension systems are usually more expensive than gutter screens, and hybrid systems can be the most expensive. But prices will vary and you may be able to get a good deal on a more advanced system.

Consider the types of treesaround your house. Pine trees pose a bigger problem than deciduous trees, since their needles are smaller than leaves.

Also note that not all gutter guards are compatible with all types of roofs and gutters.

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The covers aren’t completely solid and have small openings that allow the water to flow in – but are not big enough to allow the debris to enter the gutter. These hybrids vary from ones with slots, holes and extremely fine screen. Many gutter contractors believe these hybrid gutter covers to be the most efficient systems in deterring clogged gutters.

In addition to the gutter guards, it’s also a good idea to put leaf strainers over the openings to your downspouts. Wire strainers, as they are generally known, keep the leaves from clogging your downspouts and/or underground drainage.

Which system is right for you?

The answer depends on your specific situation. Are you comfortable on ladders? Do you have the necessary time? Can you find someone that you can rely on (and who has insurance) to keep your gutters clean?