I’m Sorry, But Those Are Vanity Metrics | First Round …

What if someone has hurt you and you forgive them and let it go.
But they keep doing it. What should you do. I have been hurt so
Many times by the same person and forgive her and just forget
But it is starting to interference in my life with other people
I care about. I just don’t know what to do. This person is my husbands
sister so I can not just not see her. Any ideas I am having a
Hard time with this! Thank u Sarah

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Many people carry around a significant amount of guilt as a result of actions they have taken that have been hurtful to others. And many times this guilt can have significant consequences for the person carrying it and may even limit their ability to enjoy their life.

Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry

Dear Lord - Please Have Mercy On Me - I Need Your Help

Please pray for my son and my new wife he said something that he did not mean and she was hurt. He has tried to ask for forgiveness. But she ignored him please I am hurting she is hurting my son is hurting. Its like I have to choose between my son and my wife. I am worried I will have to leave