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Optical illusions are an error or an innocent assumption of the brain. We find a lot of such illusions in our daily life but we ignore it. To get tricked by optical illusions is easy and this can be used positively in scientific research. They are a visual puzzle. The optical illusion forces the brain to assume something which is not the actual reality which remains hidden and sometimes is revealed to us when we look carefully for some time. Some of the optical illusions have dazzling colors and strong textures; some have lights and shadows; and some have strange shapes and patterns.

The Script Illusions, however, never regained the former glory of the earlier versions.

Many of the performances Illusions by Vick shares are for private events. Please check the schedule for public performances. If you follow Illusions by Vick’s Facebook page public shows are announced. At this time Illusions by Vick does not have a resident show but that is subject to change.

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As of winter 2009, Paper Illusions has now moved under the Imperial line of wallcoverings.

The illusion that B is lighter than A is caused by the relative contrast of the surrounding dark squaresand by the fact that our vision compensates for the shadow of the cylinder.

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Optical illusion can be fun and enjoyable. They improve our memory and increase the power of attention. Many websites give a chance to experience free some of the most amazing optical illusions online. They are great for kids.

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Welcome to optical illusions a one stop optical illusions gallery with hundreds of pictures of illusions posted by people from all over the world. We have illusions from a wide range of categories some of them include the famous Jesus illusion, scary optical illusion and a lot more.

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This article is written to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in the Paper Illusions product line. First, a brief bit of history on Paper Illusions.

Double exposure portraits by Spanish-based artist Antonio Mora (a.k.a

I'll take you on a trip from comics that are an alluring mixture of fantasy and illusion, to the rendering of art that seems surreal. And I do mean, surreal! Honestly, such tragedy and emotion and all those naughty bits shaking! It should be illegal! Well, only after I've had a peek. Maybe ... I mean ... not that I linger behind the curtain but sometimes I just feel this need to watch. I can't control myself! Beauty and mystery await us, really! The capture of your attention is already mine and I am greedy for more. Aren't you? Oh I just knew I'd win you over! By the way, could you hold my bag? I keep little extras like spare clothes in there. Why? Are you kidding me? Every time I'm in here some disreputable human or some ... creature ... is ripping my things off. And I just don't understand why! I always look my best for them! So if they want my special red party dress, they should just ask for it, I always carry extras! Though once they have the thing, they don't even seem to really want it anyway. They just throw it away and start to ... well ... I can hardly tell you what they do. I don't really know you all that well yet and you might start getting wicked ideas about tying me up. Umm, let's get moving before your hands wander any further and I end up getting into trouble again!.

Mylovt) blend human and nature worlds into surreal hybrid artworks

You can find everything here from impossible objects to 3D chalk drawings and everything in between.

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