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Likewise, the Archaic Greeks, recovering their cultural unity after centuries of decay, opened the doors to the East to educate and emancipate themselves.

The culture of Greece is somehow the outcome of repeated outside influence.

The Merkabah mystics too, can be traced back to Alexandria and the Hellenistic celestial voyages of the soul.

Considering recent evidence, there is no reason to support Scholem's attempt to split off the role of the alphabet in the Sepher Yetzirah, the earliest surviving qabalistic work, from the acknowledged Greek influences.

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1600 BCE, the culture of these Greek speaking people spread over mainland Greece and reached Crete.

Legend has is that Ptolemy Philadelphus delegated this task to seventy-two separate translators, six from each of the twelve tribes of Israel, and after seventy-two days each of them came up with identical translations ...

The growing influence of the Jews in Alexandria made the tensions with the Greek population increase, and in the first century, anti-Semitism reached a high point with the local Jews being treated in a brutal and bloody manner.

(identifying the Hebrew word and the meaning of any ..

For the evidence of the image of Ptolemaic Egypt as the home of Greek astrology, we need to realize that in the aftermath of Alexander's conquest, Greeks settled in Persia and their migration to Egypt brought Chaldaean astrology to Alexandria (and from there to Rome).

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Still, not everyone can stomach so humble an ancestry for so high an art.

If, though, had no direct part in the creation of Greek sculpture, it may yet have had some influence later.

Language is a key part of identifying gender

1530 the Thera volcano on Santorini erupted - from about 1500 onwards there was a significant increase of Mycenæan influence - the rise of the use of a syllabic, ruling-class language, Mycenæan Greek, now called "Linear B" (imported by the Mycenæans to Crete) ;

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It is more likely though their culture was oral.

During these obscure centuries, Greek culture, as a form shared by all theinhabitants of Greece, was nonexistent.

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1900 - 1730) : Centralization of power in the hands of kings, and the first large palace centres with wide cultural influence : Knossos, Phaestos, Malia and Zakros (and there must have been more) - production of very fine vases or vessels of stone and faience, sealstones of precious or semi-precious stones, elegant weapons & tools - the emergence of naturalistic hieroglyphic and dynamic scenes - the pantheon has the Great Goddess as its main element as well as the use of sacred symbols such as the sacred horns and the double axe - society is hierarchical and contacts with the outside world become frequent - hieroglyphic script (derived from Egyptian models ?) developed into Linear A (late protopalatial) - a terrible disaster, perhaps caused by earthquakes, destroyed the first palace centres ca.

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The origin of Alexandro-Egyptian culture (of a genuine merge) is thus to be found in the relatively small upper classes of the native priesthood & administrators (open to the impact of Greek thought and different from the large majority of natives that did not adopt Greek beliefs and practices) as well as in the very limited number of Greeks that egyptianized.