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Some chat activities within Connect assignments also have the option to launch Blackboard IM directly from the question itself (A) once the program has been downloaded to your computer.

For technical and troubleshooting help, visit the . From there, choose your area of interest and then look for specific Blackboard IM help.

To find detailed instructions on creating an account, installing, and using Blackboard IM, visit the

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Here we’ll explain how to pair your existing Brightspace course with an existing Connect account.

Once you've logged into Brightspace, select the class you want to pair. Then, in the widget, click Begin (A).

Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter

Register and get your computer ready

Blog assignments require several steps. To start blogging, click + New Post (A). Once you populate the text fields — the title and body of the post — you'll have the option to delete the post, save it or add it, which will make it visible to your instructor. You can also + Comment (B) on blog posts, and see which of your classmates have created blog posts of their own (C).

Enter your email address (A) and click Submit (B).

In the group workspace, the name of the assignment (A), other members in your group (B), and the topic (if entered by your instructor) are displayed. Also displayed are the instructions for the assignment (C) as well as any instructor attachments and web links.

Then submit a registration code (A) or click Buy Online (B).

Group assignments are made up of two areas – group workspace (A) for collaboration and submit assignment (B) for turning in the final group project.

Enter your email address (A) and click Submit (B).

Group assignments will appear in your assignment list on your section home page. Click the assignment name (A) with the group icon to open the group assignment.

Enter your password (A) and click Sign In (B).

When the video recorder loads, click Allow (A) for Flash Player to access your camera and microphone.

Next, select the quality of the video. The default for a typical broadband connection is medium, but if you have a slower connection you may need to select low.

After you select the quality, click Okay.

Then submit a registration code (A) or click Buy Online (B).

.flv (Flash Video)
.avi (Various Codecs)
.dv (Digital Video)
.mov/.qt (Quicktime)
.mpg/.mpeg (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264)
.mp4 (MPEG-4, H.264)
.m4v (iTunes H.264)
.3gp/.3g2 (Mobile Phone)
.wmv/.asf (Windows Media Video)

Enter your email address and click Submit (A).

Once the assignment has opened, review the instructions (A) and download any reference files (B) included. Develop your response to the assignment. When you have your response file ready, click Choose File (C) and locate the file on your computer. Please note that the maximum file size for your response is 25MB.