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From the supervisors to the front line staff, we all need to care for those affected with PTSD. As with physical handicaps, through gaining an understanding and providing accommodations, we can cast a wide net of support for those suffering. We owe it to our veterans returning home, as well as to every trauma survivor, to create a supportive work environment. It starts with education and continues through making the necessary modifications to create a successful experience. It benefits the individual as well as the company when people come together for the betterment of one person. A place of employment is where individuals work together toward a common goal. Supporting the individual with PTSD should be a common goal for everyone. A weak link in a chain can be reinforced to become a valuable asset in strengthening the whole. At times it may be a challenging task, but there is great work to be done.

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Want to bring humor into your workplace? Want a gift or incentive that promotes health in a more playful way? Want to brighten someone else’s day? These inspiring giveaways not only help people laugh, they teach people why they need to laugh. Understanding the therapeutic benefits of humor plus some easy ways to initiate it (even on a bad day) makes these cards a valuable gift that employees and clients will love. Each envelope contains eight cards with over 40 useful stress management tips. Great for programs that encourage humor in the workplace and stress management in the workplace.

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Humor does this by dissipating negative or distressing emotions, because you can’t really feel two strong and opposite  at the same time.

Healing humor can help teams reach synergy and innovation but harmful humorcan destroy the team and its goals as in this case. Conflicts like this can bedealt with at three stages

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Research over the past two decades has demonstrated what our grandmothers always knew to be true; LAUGHTER really is GOOD MEDICINE! As the daily stress in most of our lives has mounted in recent years, most people find that their sense of humor abandons them right when they need it the most—in the midst of stress. Now, an exciting new Humor Training Program, called the , has helped thousands learn to use humor to cope. The effectiveness of the program has now been documented in 5 countries. It boosts emotional resilience, life satisfaction and enables you to maintain a positive mood and more optimistic outlook in your daily life—and it helps you cope with any problems thrown your way. Dr. McGhee's 4-month-long series of online radio broadcasts in 2012 showed seniors how to boost their humor skills and learn to use humor to cope. (Click on "Humor Training Exercises," starting with the January 23, 2012 article, to see humor-building suggestions that accompanied those broadcasts. These will work for you even if you're not a senior.) He has shown organizations in many countries the benefits of building appropriate forms of humor and fun into the workplace.

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Another great reason to use humor in the workplace comes from a learning perspective; According to a study at the University of Arkansas and San Diego State University, when you teach (or present), anything with humor intentionally injected into the lecture material, retention of the information is as much as 18 percent greater

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Our present work environments of competition and downsizing and doing morewith less and long commutes are often overly stressful. We are required to worksmarter but authoritarian control and stress rob us of our innatebrilliance. Humor allows new possibilities which bring new ideas andinnovation.

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Eight cards (roughly the size of playing cards) with a funny photograph and memorable quotation on the front and five tips on the back. Each card covers a different aspect of humor and/or stress management in the work place. For example: When things don’t go your way. When the boss is on your back, The psychological benefits of using humor.