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When the humanist sees dogma and ritual as, at best, metaphors for rational truths that the masses are not yet ready to understand, then, presumably as education spreads, this symbolic shell for the rational truths can be expected to wither away, like Marx's notion of the withering away of the state.

So what would humanism in general, religious and secular, ancient and modern, be about?

All of these forms of humanism contrast with a dogmatic traditionalism, for which the Scriptural or revelatory forms of faith, ritual, and morals are authoritative and immutable.

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With the Sophists, Greek humanism might even assume a bit of the secular variety.

Secular Humanist beliefs in the area of biology are closely tied to both their atheistic theology and their naturalist philosophy. If there is no supernatural, then life, including human life, must be the result of a purely natural phenomenon. Hence, Secular Humanists must believe in . Julian Huxley, for example, insists that “man … his body, his mind and his soul were not supernaturally created but are all products of evolution.”[9] Sagan, Lamont, Sellars, Kurtz— Secular Humanists are in agreement on this.

What Is Secular Humanism? - Council for Secular Humanism

This form of religious dogma is counterproductive, dangerous, and vicious and reveals that an element of religious humanism, and rationalism, is not always a bad idea.

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This is how even conservatives like Burke display streaks of humanism, for genuine religious morality is as fixed and authoritative as faith and ritual.

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While the essence of religion is the , expressed in dogmatic belief and ritual, as discussed in detail , traditional morality also can often embody truths that escape the analysis of the rational humanist.

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Someone like Thomas Jefferson would go no further than principles of government, while recent religious humanism, as noted, rarely stops before socialism or Marxism -- the mark of which still tends to be the use of the term "progessive," as in the Michael Lerner quote -- terminology in which dissimulation and dishonesty, to avoid confessions of how extreme the ideology is, play a role.

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For traditional personal morality, as it happens, melded rather easily with , and the leftist inspiration of the typical modern religious humanism involves an explicit and contemptuous rejection of capitalism in all its principles and ethic.

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While the leftism of religious humanism accompanies a conceit that this is the way to display concern for the poor, it completely loses touch with the case in traditional morality that itself is the proper treatment of poverty and the only moral and honorable way, for those able, that people can achieve prosperity.