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If one explains the fact that the world contains an impressivemixture of desirable and undesirable states of affairs by thehypothesis that the creator of the world was an omnipotent,omniscient, and indifferent deity, then nothing more needs to beadded.

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Faced with these “humanitarian emergencies” and other human tragedies, many people of good will, along with different international institutions and non-governmental organizations, have in fact responded.

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The human being cannot seethe infinitely small step; it therefore has no meaning to himand no relevance to his action."[16] The implications arebroader than they may initially appear, because as a mathematicianwill tell you, you can't differentiate a function that isn't continuous.

Does it depend on the object alone

But, on the other hand, the latter involves acompletely universal generalization about the absence of any actionupon the earth by any nonhuman persons, of either a benevolent ormalevolent sort, and it is far from clear why the prior probabilityof this being so should be greater than the prior probability oftheism.Both of these objections can be avoided, however, by simply shiftingfrom (HI) to a different alternative hypothesis that Draper alsomentions, namely, “The Indifferent Deity Hypothesis”:

There exists an omnipotent and omniscient person who created theUniverse and who has no intrinsic concern about the pain or pleasureof other beings.

Does it depend on the eternal law

Thus the decision-maker is a satisficer, one seeking a satisfactory solution rather than the optimal (best) one Steps involve Simplify the choices available
Make decision among different alternative
Choose most efficient alternative simon's table If we are given with three alternatuve and we do a cost/benefit analysis example Education
Infrastructure So we need to adopt Rational decision making which gives money on every projects(alternative) they will suffer In economics, a production–possibility frontier (PPF), sometimes called a production–possibility curve, production-possibility boundary or product transformation curve, is a graph that compares the production rates of two commodities that use the same fixed total of the factors of production.

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Rothbard puts it thusly "The crucial fallacy is If a man werereally indifferent between two alternatives, he could not makeany choice between them, and therefore the choice could not berevealed in action."[17] The crucial assumption - shared by both Mises and Rothbard- is that no preference can exist which cannot be revealed inaction.